Monday, May 20, 2013

Cohen's Dance Recital

Saturday night was Cohen's first dance recital.  She had been so excited to wear her costumes.  She missed her recital practice this week because she wasn't feeling good...of all the week's to feel bad it was not a good one but we managed.  I thought she might be a little nervous about the big stage but she didn't seem to be phased by it at all and was just excited.  Everything was so cute and all the girls did a great job.
Funny story...Cohen has always loved candy.  What child doesn't, right?!  Right after she turned 3, she began singing with the children's choir at church.  That happened to be a year they did a spring musical.  One Sunday night they were singing a few songs at church as a teaser to the upcoming musical.  We forgot all about Cohen having 2 Starburst in her dress pocket, but right in the middle of singing she found them and proceeded to unwrap them and eat them right there in front of the church while everyone was singing.  Not only that, but she just let the paper fall right to the floor while she peeled.  It was funny but at the same time I was thinking how I wished I had thought to take them out of her pocket. the recital Saturday she had got a piece of gum from Suggie when we were driving there.  I had told her not to forget to spit it out but she did!  On her ballet routine I didn't notice it at all but when she did her baton routine I could see her smacking away at it.  I think she was chewing to the rhythm of the music.  I also got a kick out of all the girls looking off stage to find Miss Cezann trying to make sure they knew what came next in the routine.  They were too cute though and I loved watching her.  We have enjoyed our first year of dance at ATRM.  Miss Amy, Miss Cezann, and Miss Caroline are the best!
Looking for Miss Cezann

The recital ended with a Daddy/daughter dance.  Cohen had not been to the practice for this either and Kelly wasn't feeling good Saturday so he wasn't able to be there.  Lucky for us there was Shawn, aka "Shawnky".  Shawn goes to church with us and he is Josie's uncle so Cohen knows him very well and she is always laughing at "Shawnky".  He was more than happy to step in and actually entertained like no other could!  We joked that he had been practicing because his baton tosses were impressive!  It was very fun to watch and we all got a kick out of it.

Alan & Shawn showing off their "moves"

Holding up their trophies
So proud of my sweet Cohen!

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