Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Preschool Graduation

My baby girl graduated from First Friends preschool tonight.  What an emotional night its been!  I knew it was coming, and I've dreaded it like the plague.  I'm an emotional person anyway and when it comes to my kids growing up it is so much worse.  Cohen has been going to First Friends since she was 2.  She even went for a couple of months to the 2 year old class before going back to do the class for the whole year.  It is our church's preschool and it has been awesome for her.  Not only that, but I taught there 2 years including teaching Cohen in the 3 year old class.  I watched not only my own baby graduate but so many others that I taught.  I actually held it together pretty well at the graduation.  Its now that I'm home, sitting by myself with so much time to think that I get teary eyed.  That combined with the fact that Mrs. Mary, the director, is retiring.  Mary is one of my favorite people ever and I am going to miss her so much.  Luckily we have made a promise to get together often and I will see her at church.  Did I mention I hate change??!
So anyway, skipping my sob story, Cohen had graduation tonight and I was so proud of her.  Above is her preschool picture from this year.  I was honored to be able to do pictures for the preschool and getting to take her cap & gown picture was special.  I take plenty of pictures of her but I just love this one.  I can so see her as an 18 year old graduating high school and I know the years will fly by fast enough.
Cohen had started to feel bad yesterday and I actually kept her home from school today hoping that extra rest would make her feel better.  She has had no energy and just complained with stomach pains so I had almost decided to go to graduation myself but not take her.  She did come to life and decide she wanted to go so we went on.  I had told her that she could sit with us and watch if she wanted but Kelly thought she would be fine once we got there and she did great!  They sang several songs that they had sang all year.  It was precious, of course.  When it was time to get their "diplomas", I had to laugh because when Aunt Sara called Cohen's name she just sat in her chair and didn't get up to get it.  She waited for Sara to bring it to her.  I think she must have failed to practice that but we got a good laugh out of it so that was nice :)  At the end we watched a slideshow which can always bring a few tears.  It was a cute graduation and I'm so proud of my Coco!
Tomorrow she has her last day of school and an end of the year picnic.  I hope I can continue to hold it together for one more day...in public at least :)

Here are a few of their group pictures that I took on picture day.

Class of 2013

Graduation Ceremony 

I tried to get the whole group but it left Ayden out :(

Getting her diploma...staying seated of course

Cohen & Aunt (Mrs.) Sara

 Sara predicted what each child might be when they grew up and both Cohen and her friend Rylie were predicted to be news casters.  These 2 have been together in preschool since the beginning...2 year olds.

Cohen & Bebe

Cohen & Suggie

Its official :)
I had to include one of Kate...to think she could start in the fall...not happening. #thismamacouldn'ttakeit

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  1. OH my !!! I know I'm going to be a basket case later this week when we have our graduation. So exciting, but so hard to see these little ones getting so big!