Monday, April 15, 2013

Baby Chicks!

Last week I got to take the girls to see the baby chicks!  We like to do this at least once a year and David & Robin are always so sweet to let us come see their chickens.  I had talked to Robin and she told me the babies were coming on Monday so on Tuesday I took the girls over.  I like to catch them as small as possible when they are still little yellow puff balls.  They are so cute.  Both girls LOVED them!  Cohen wanted to hold and pet them just like she always has.  Kate was just amazed at all the chickens and loved looking at them.  She did not want to hold them though.  I think she was a little afraid of holding them because she would pet them but had no part in holding one.  She would walk around and point to a little chick and just squeal and laugh.  It was so cute to see her face.  She really loves animals and I knew she would love seeing these babies ;)

pointing at the little chick

more pointing 

That afternoon we came back home to enjoy this wonderful spring weather!  The girls have enjoyed getting outside to blow bubbles and ride their bikes.  If the pollen would go away it would be perfect!  I had to share these pictures of Kate though.  Its hard to get a picture of her!  She is always on the move and has no time for pictures.

Speaking of Kate, this girl is a hoot!  She definitely has a mind of her own.  You never know what she might get into to, but she is so funny and so sweet.  She has taken a big interest in Kelly's drums lately. She loves to put on his headphones and use the drum sticks.  She's actually broken both sides of the headphones and they are now taped together.  This is where I found her Saturday morning...

drummer girl
 Kate still enjoys wearing her high heels and jewelry.  Here she is later on Saturday...I'm telling you this baby girl is a hot mess sometimes!  I love her to pieces!

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