Sunday, February 10, 2013

Kate-20 months!

Spunky, sassy, independent and oh so cute!  This is just one way I can describe my now 20 MONTH OLD Kate!  Not being able to add the word "teen" on the month makes her even more big.  Kate is a little wild mess but I love every minute I have chasing her and playing with her.  She is full of personality to say the least.  She is also full of smiles.  She loves people and while she can be shy one minute, she can also wave at a stranger walking by the next.  She can say "hey" and will wave or say it walking into a room.  Just the other day she was going to stay with Suzy while I did something and she walked to the door, walked right in and said "hey".  She can say so many words now and will try to say words if you say them first.  She was in the car with me 2 nights ago and we were playing a game, I would say a word and she would repeat it.  I went through family names then started saying random words like animals or everyday things we see.  She got a kick out of that.  I've snapped few pictures of her over the last week or so .  There are so many things I could say about her but I would be typing forever.  I do have a few things I had to highlight though.  So, here are a few things and pictures of Kate at 20 months:

  • Her favorite thing to do is EAT!  This child wakes up ready to eat, after she eats she is ready for a snack, and the cycle continues.  I can bait her with snacks if I want to go to Pilates class or need her to be in the stroller.  She also will go to Suzy's house and go straight to her chair and say "eeet".  I have a little pig on my hands!
  • She loves to dress up and push a doll stroller.  I have a few pictures of Kate with something on her head.  She loves to wear a crown, mouse ears, or some form of something on her head.  She also loves her beads!  She wakes up and finds her necklace and will wear her colorful beads.  Yesterday she put them on in the bathtub!  
  • Loves books!  She still will sit and go through books on the book shelf.  We also read books every night before bedtime.  Each Tuesday I take her to story time at the library.  This was always so special for me and Cohen and Kate has been going since she was little too so I enjoy taking her as well.
  • Loves Dora!  If she's not asking to eat when she wakes up, she is asking for "doe-ra".  She will point to the T.V. or bring me the remote and say "Doe-Ra"  I let her watch Dora in the mornings while I get myself ready or do some things around the house.  I hate for her to watch too much T.V. but it can be a lifesavor at times too!
  • On the ugly side, Kate has started in with temper tantrums.  Cohen never laid down and pitched a big fit in the middle of the floor but Kate sure has figured it out.  If she gets told 'no' or can't get just what she wants sometimes, she will lay out in the floor and lay her head down and cry.  I'm trying to ignore these moments since I've always heard thats what you need to do.  In public its not so easy but so far we haven't had too many out for the world to see.  
  • Kate has wild, wild hair!  I had to take pictures of her first thing in the morning when it is sticking out everywhere and oh so fuzzy!  It goes right along with her sweet smile and I love it.  We just take a squirt bottle of water and tame it down every morning.
  • Kate loves her big sister and will do anything she sees Cohen do.  I tell Cohen she has to set a good example :)  Its so sweet to watch her try to do what Cohen does or when they are playing Cohen will treat Kate like her little doll.
  • Last...Kate is so funny to watch with the baby dolls.  In our playroom she will toss all the dolls out of the little pack-n-play and then she will climb in and sit in it.  I don't know what is going on in her little head but she is so cute! 
I can't put into words how much I love this precious little girl!  I just wish she wasn't growing up so fast!
Of course she still loves Dooley

The isn't her beads but she loves wearing her doctor toy too!

Good morning!! All smiles!

Fuzzy hair!

Hair all in the eyes!

Walking through the house with her ladybug headband & purse

Miss Priss
In the doll bed

Pitching a fit at her eat of course

another tantrum in the floor

We eat lunch every Tuesday after story time with Suzy and my nanny and others.  I've done this since Cohen was a baby and we look forward to it each week.  Here is a picture of my Nanny and Kate.

Sweet sisters playing in their tent

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