Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

My 2 sweet Valentine's who I love so much!

Yesterday we enjoyed a fun Valentine's Day.  Kelly woke up early to cook breakfast for us.  Cohen was excited about her Valentine's party at school.  She was especially excited to pass out her Valentine cards.  We had made Valentine's this year by taking Cohen's picture and then we taped a sucker to the picture and it looked like she was holding the sucker and handing it to someone.  I thought they turned out cute and Cohen really got a kick on how it looked like she was holding the candy sucker.

Cohen really enjoyed her party as well.  When I got there all the kids were super excited.  They usually are on party days.  They had a yummy snack, sang us some Valentine's songs, and then played musical chairs.  As one person would get out, that person would get to start passing out their Valentine's into each person's bag.  This made getting out look a little better to a lot of them.  Not Cohen though, she is so competitive!  She was one of the last 2 but not winning didn't phase her since that meant handing out her Valentine's.  It was a fun party and then she was so wound up.  She danced to her exercise song and ran wild!  I thought she would crash when we got home but she didn't!
Singing for their moms

musical chairs
Doing the exercise song

jumping jacks or doing the "x" as the song says
I had snapped these pictures of Kate while eating her breakfast.  She was sporting her first ponytail!  With this wild hair I don't know what to do with most of the time, other than her little "fountain" on top of her head.  It was so cute seeing her with her hair up.  It didn't last all day by any means but I did get a picture.

I caught this sweet moment when Cohen was trying to love on Kate.  Kate usually pushes her off but for a split second she was ok with it :)
Kate and Cohen had a special Valentine's dinner with Sug & Pop last night.  Kelly & I got to have a date night to the movies which was fun.  I know the girls enjoyed themselves and we did too!  Happy Valentine's Day!

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