Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 3-Magic Kingdom & the Bippity Boppity Boutique!

 Monday was one of our most eventful days, and it turned out to be our longest.  We did get to sleep in later though so that was nice.  Cohen had an appointment at the Bippity Boppity Boutique at 11:00.  This was the one thing she REALLY wanted to do.  She had seen this on the Ellen show (don't ask) and she also had a friend that did it and she saw those pictures too.  She had asked me if she could please get her hair and make-up done.  I loved letting her do it too!  It was so cute to watch all the little girls get all fixed up.  We had told Cohen she could pick out a dress and dress like her favorite princess.  Her favorite is Ariel so she had to pick between Ariel the mermaid or Ariel the princess bride and after thinking hard she chose the princess bride gown.  We got her dressed then they went to work on her.  They really get the hair slicked back and up tight!  Someone was working on hair and another on her nails and makeup.  She was in heaven.  And when they turned her around to the mirror to see herself you can see that she took it all in and then just smiled at herself.  She really felt like a princess and she did look so cute!

Shielding her face from all the hairspray and glitter!

The big reveal

Smiling at herself

We ate a quick lunch and then headed to the Magic Kingdom.  We wanted Cohen to get to meet the princesses on the day she was dressed up.  When we got there the first place we went was to see Ariel herself.  By this time Kate had crashed so we had to hold her through the line.  Thats so hard but we didn't dare wake her up.  Cohen was so excited to see Ariel and when we finally went in to see her it was worth the wait.  Ariel was so excited to see Cohen and really talked with her.  These characters are so into their roles!  She listened to Cohen's necklace (which was Ariel's voice in the sea shell) and when we were leaving she kissed Cohen's cheek leaving her lipstick mark there.  Cohen was so proud of that!
Ariel's reaction to Cohen

After meeting Ariel, Cohen went to meet Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel.  They all talked to Cohen about the things they do with Ariel and Cohen just took it all in so seriously ;)  We had reservations for a dinner show, the Hoop Dee Doo Revue, which was so good!  The food was great and the show was too.  We really enjoyed that.  After dinner we went back to ride a few rides and watch the fireworks.  Cohen is so afraid of fireworks but she did pretty good with these.  Better than I thought.  She only started to cry once.  After the fireworks, Mama and Paula went back to our room but we stayed to ride more.  Brock had wanted to ride the go karts and so did Cohen.  At this point there were no lines for any rides and we wanted to make the most of it.  We covered more rides that night than any other day!  Cohen fell asleep while Kelly & Brock were riding one ride but when we passed the place to meet Tinkerbell we woke her up to ask her if she wanted to meet her and of course she said "yes!".  She was wide awake after that and we ended up riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and then headed to ride the Ariel ride.  The wait had been too long earlier but at night we walked right on!  We stayed until midnight when the park closed but it was worth every second.  Kate slept through it all.  We had such a fun day and then weather had warmed up which made it even better!

Talking with Rapunzel about having swim parties with Ariel

I loved taking pictures of the castle!

Hula Hooping before our dinner show

Beautiful fireworks...pictures wouldn't begin to do justice
Go Karts!

Outside the Ariel ride
A Magical Day for Sure!

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