Saturday, February 9, 2013

Grandparents Day & A Walk to the Post Office

Yesterday was Grandparents Day at preschool.  Cohen was so excited.  She had told me about the special crafts she had made at school for her grandparents and I had assured her they would be so excited to get it.  Bebe came to pick her up for school on Friday which was another special treat.  I know she enjoyed it so much.  I was going to the preschool later that morning to walk with Cohen's class to the post office.  When I got there Miss Mary told me that Cohen had a special surprise when she got to school.   Her Nana had come with Sug and surprised Cohen.  Cohen was so excited to see her Nana!
Cohen & Bebe
Cohen's class walked to the post office to mail special Valentine's.  They had made these in class earlier in the week.  These were special Valentine's for their parents but instead of handing them out they got to go to the post office to buy stamps and mail them out.  When we got to the post office each child bought a stamp and put it on their letter, then got to drop it in the mail slot.  Cohen just handed me mine and said "Here Mama, this is for you."  I told her she was mailing it and I would get it in our mailbox.  It took her a minute for that to sink in but then she dropped it in.  I think she thought it was supposed to immediately show up in our mailbox because when we got home she wanted me to get it out.  I told her  it would take about 1 day then I would get it.  She did a great description of what the card would look like though!
All the kids wanted to play on the playground when we got back.  I had to take a picture of them at the fence.  They all heard the train whistle and ran over to the fence and stood there watching the train go by.  I know this is always a highlight when they are on the playground.  Its so fun to see how excited a train is for them.

Miss Sara told them to look at all the mailboxes and when they turned around they just stood and looked straight ahead.  It was almost like a time out stance.

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