Monday, February 25, 2013

Disney (Day 2)

On Sunday we decided to spend the day at Epcot.  We had originally planned to go to the Animal Kingdom first (notice the girl's animal outfits) but the weather was supposed to be cooler and windy so we thought we better change our plans thinking we could spend time inside on rides and things.  So much is outside at all the parks but this is what we chose.  When we got to Epcot we got our Fast Passes for rides then headed over to the character spot to meet Mickey & Minnie, and Pluto.  Kate was a little hesitant with all of these characters but Cohen loved it all.  She was all about the characters signing her autograph book.  We also saw Pinnochio before heading to ride the Nemo ride and to do everyone's favorite, Turtle Talk with Crush!  That was a highlight of the trip.  Cohen loved it, and we all did too!  After that we headed to meet our very first princess, Snow White!  Snow White told Cohen all about her 7 dwarfs.  Cohen soaked it all up like a sponge and when she walked back over to us she had the biggest smile on her face!  It was so precious.  While walking around in the countries at Epcot you can meet several characters.  We also met Donald Duck in Mexico and rode the boat ride there.  We then just walked around the different countries and the girls napped in the stroller.  We had early dinner reservations so we ate in "Japan" and then rode more rides.  I have to say I enjoyed the "Soarin" ride and of course the ride up in the "big golfball" as we called it!  It was another fun day!  I can see how easy it is to tire out though with 2 kids!
Meeting MICKEY!

Kate had a button that said "1st Visit" and she loved it!  We had given it to her on Saturday and that was the first thing she wanted when she woke up on Sunday.  She loved pointing at the characters on it and she was definitely going to wear it!

Kate loved the fish!

Cohen was so excited as she waited for her turn to see Snow White
Talking with Snow White.  She told Cohen all about her "dwarves"

Beating the drums...this was Daddy's favorite

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