Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Cohen!

On Wednesday, Cohen celebrated her 5th birthday!  She was so excited to be turning 5.  I'm having a meltdown because I feel like 5 is so big!  I know I associate it with school and I know that will be coming in the fall.  My baby girl is just growing up so fast!
On Tuesday she would tell everyone to look at her good because it was the last day she would be 4 years old and she might be bigger on Wednesday.   I love it!  She did however tell Suzy on Wednesday that she might still recognize her because her eyes and mouth were still the same :)  Here are the last pictures of Cohen as a 4 year old.  She slept in her curlers Tuesday night so she would have curls for her birthday :)

I think Cohen was more excited about her birthday than she was about Christmas.  She woke me up Wednesday morning before the alarm went off and asked me if she looked bigger.  We started her big day off with the breakfast of her choice...muffins.  She told me she would want 2, so I put candles in each muffin (one in each) and I sang by myself to her.  She blew those out but looked at me and said "why didn't I have 5 candles?"  Soooo....I got more candles to put in the 2 muffins and then she tells me she wants 5 candles in 5 muffins.  I get that ready and this time Kelly has come into the kitchen to sing with me.  So we do the whole song again and she blows more candles out.  Funny girl!

Re-do...this time with 5 muffins and 5 candles

Showing off her special birthday cup

 It was then off to school.  I later came to the preschool for her birthday party there.  Per her request, we had no cake.  She didn't want any icing so instead we did her all time favorite, Chee-tos, ice cream sandwiches, and chocolate chip cookies.   I know she loved getting sang to at school and having her special day.  After we left school we met Kelly at 211 for a special birthday lunch which was so good as always!  That afternoon Suzy came to stay with Kate while I took Cohen to have her fingernails and toenails painted.  We both had mani/pedis and enjoyed our special girl time.

wearing the birthday hat at school
After church on Wednesday night we had a small family party back at our house for Cohen.  She had gotten upset that morning when she realized it wasn't her birthday party day when she would celebrate with her friends.  She was excited to know that her family would be coming though.  She got to open presents and was so excited about everything she opened.  She got a hair chair and bed for her American Girl doll, some new clothes, and some new Barbie toys that she had wanted.  We gave her a karoke machine because she loves to sing so much.   We had to break that out and she and Savannah sang some songs for us.  I know we are going to have a lot of fun with that in this house.  I made Cohen a banana cake for her little party and stuck with her request of no icing.  She is just like me!  It was a fun night and I know she enjoyed it all.  She told me she had a great day!  I'm still wondering where these 5 years have gone myself.  In the blink of an eye they go by so fast!  I love my Coco and the sweet little girl she has become.
At 5 years old here are some things about Cohen:

  • She is extremely SMART!  I know most moms say this but Cohen really is very smart.  She loves to learn and will sit and do workbooks, activity books, puzzles,  and anything along these lines.  
  • Still loves books.  She has always loved to read and that continues now.  
  • Is a great big sister!  She loves Kate and plays with her all the time.  She can be the "Kate police" as well when Kate is into something she shouldn't be.  Which can be a lot!
  • Loves taking baton and dance.  Baton is her favorite right now but she loves dancing and singing!   She can memorize lyrics so fast and loves to sing in the car.  She likes to play songs in the car in a "pattern"...she chooses one then I choose one.
  • Loves to play games.  We play card games and board games with her a lot.  She is very competitive though and doesn't like to lose.  We are working on this one ;)
  • Loves Legos!  She will build and rebuild her Lego Friends daily!
  • Weighs 38 pounds, is 41 inches tall (roughly), and wears a 4T-4 and can wear a few 5's.  I've seen a growth spurt these last few months and she is starting to out grow some of her things.  Shoe size is a 10.
Its hard to put everything about Cohen into a list so I try to blog on funny things she does and things she's into throughout the year.  She is definitely our sunshine and sassy girl!  We love our Cohen and can't wait to see what this next year has in store for her.  

Cohen & Aunt Sara


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