Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 4: Animal Kingdom

Tuesday we headed to Animal Kingdom.  Cohen loves animals so I was excited to see her at this park. Of course she had to keep her same hair style from yesterday.  She wanted to know if her make-up would stay on but I had to tell her no.  We could do one more day of the hair but nothing else.  In fact, in the park she lost her face jewel which was a huge deal!  She cried and cried but we promised we would look for a new one later.  Kate had been so good every day decided to have a little melt down when we got there and it was time to get in the stroller.  We thought it was going to get real ugly.  I carried her for a while and she finally calmed down.  We got our FastPasses in and then headed to the petting zoo.  Kate LOVED this!  She was petting all the goats and the pigs and would just laugh and squeal.  Cohen got to meet Rafiki from the Lion King and do a bug hunt.  After leaving the petting zoo we went on the safari ride and got to see all kinds of fun animals.  Both girls really enjoyed this.  Kate would point and squeal at each animal and wanted to stand up.  Cohen really enjoyed this too.  We will have to make a visit to the zoo when it warms up!  After lunch we rode the Expedition Everest roller coaster which we loved, saw the monkeys and tigers, and Cohen got to do some authentic dancing!  Maybe I'll post a video of this on Facebook :)  
Cohen & Rafiki

Petting the pig

I thought it was so pretty seeing the giraffe under the moss!  Of course the giraffes are mine and Cohen's favorite, and Kate loved them too!

Learning the Indian dance

A funny story, Cohen & Brock were playing a "guess the animal" game with one of the crew members and this included them identifying animal paw prints, animal poop, and then looking into the scope to guess the animal.  Well Cohen looked first and the girl told her not to say it out loud so that Brock would get to guess too.  As Cohen was looking and she was telling her this, Cohen replied, "well don't worry because I have no idea what this is."  It was so cute!  I don't think she could see all that well into the scope but it was a rhino they were guessing.

Another highlight at this park was watching the Lion King show.  It was so good!  We all really enjoyed it and both girls were amazed at the whole show.  Cohen got up and just danced around.  After the show we got to meet Winnie the Pooh and friends.  Kate actually loved these characters!  She would just wave at Pooh bear and she also loved Tigger.   These were some of my characters when I was little, especially Tigger so we made that one a family shot :)  After a quick ride on the dinosaurs we had to head to dinner.  We ate at the Rainforest Cafe.  Kate thoroughly enjoyed the aquariums and kept running from our table to look at the fish.  Everything was delicious!  We had no trouble eating lots of good food on this entire trip!
Meeting Pooh Bear

The tree of life

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