Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cohen's Camping Birthday Party

Saturday was the day Cohen had been waiting for!  It was her birthday party day and she was so excited.  This year we had a "camping" theme birthday.  Cohen went camping this past fall for the first time and really enjoyed it so that's what we did.  When your birthday is in February when you don't know if it will be warm or snowing you have to do things inside.  It was a very fun party though and she said it was "so fun.".  We went back to the Rec. Dept again.  The kids all painted sun catchers, sang some karoke, had their faces painted, played in the tents, and played on the last minute obstacle course we put together with the mats in the room.  That is where Kate stayed most of the time as well!   I can't thank everyone enough who came and helped Cohen celebrate.  Things can get hectic at parties but I think everything went well and most importantly, she had a blast!
One cute story happened before the party started when we were setting up.  I had picked up Cohen's cake, which by the way was so adorable thanks to Gina Bleech,  and then I headed over to finish setting up.  Kelly came behind me with the girls.  While Cohen & Josie were singing and playing, Kate was so preoccupied with the snacks I was setting out.  I was giving her a  Chee-To here and there to keep her happy, but at one point I turned around and she had gotten under the table, picked up the extra bag of Chee-Tos and was bringing the whole bag to me saying "eat".  I love her so much and she is so funny.  She loves to eat!
I also have to mention the cute little tents we had.  Denny made these 2 frames for me to use and they were the cutest things ever!  I got material for them and I was so excited about them.  The kids loved crawling in and out of them.
Here are pictures from the party!!

table decorations

Cutest Cake!

singing "sisters"

Bringing me the Cheetos

Cohen's little "camp site"

Sweet Baylor painting her sun catcher

Jessica is the best face painter...EVER!

Sweet little Gavin loved crawling in the tents

Love this man!  (and he's an excellent tent maker!)

She still gets shy when everyone sings

The most precious little girls!
 This is when it gets real wild...

Keyes, Ramsey, Keely, & Cohen...4 neighbors who will all start to kindergarten next year together!  Watch out LES!

Katelyn was a good sport and let the girls paint her!

Playing "monster" with Sug after the party

Kate really enjoyed the mats and Sugie joined in on the fun with her

Letting their balloons go to "heaven" after the party.  So so sweet!  Kate, as you can see, wasn't letting hers go for anything!
Happy Birthday to my sweet sunshine, Cohen!  I love you with all my heart!

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  1. Love the Camping theme for the party and that campsite was the cutest thing I've ever seen!