Monday, February 25, 2013

Disney World (Day 1)

We spent our winter break (last week) in Disney World!  My Mom had given this trip to us for Christmas and we had purposely planned to go right after Cohen's birthday.  Cohen has been wanting to go to Disney World for a while now and she could not have been more excited.  We left VERY early last Saturday morning and drove down.  It was our family, my mama, my sister and Brock.  We all made it in one car too...can you believe it?!  Paula and I had leg room but the kids were pretty packed in.  The girls did so good on the drive which was a blessing!  We had been worried about Kate in the car for that long but she was great.  It helped having Dora on the iPad.  We got to the Art of Animation resort around 2:00.  We got unpacked and then we decided to head to the Magic Kingdom.  I think I was just as excited as Cohen.  We she got her first glimpse of the castle her mouth just opened so wide and she said, "Wow! This is so cool"  She couldn't believe how big a real castle was.  We decided to ride a few rides and we chose to go to "Tommorrowland" first.  We rode the rockets that spin around, (Kate included).  Kate rode every ride she could with us on the entire trip.  She was as good as gold on them all.  We later rode "Stitch" and the Buzz Lightyear ride.  This was a favorite for everybody.  Kate had fallen asleep by that time so I got a kick out of the picture they took of us on the ride.  I have Kate in one arm and I'm shooting targets with the other.  All in between Kelly spinning us around and around!  I think Kate and Cohen both loved "Its a Small World".  Kate was very fascinated by the dolls and Cohen just kept pointing at everything saying, "look Mama, look Daddy, what country are these from."  Nothing is better than experiencing things through your child's eyes!  We left the park after our rides because it was pretty chilly and windy.  We were pretty tired and wanted to rest up for day 2!
Riding the bus

Our first ride...the rockets.   That is Kelly & Kate!

Not sure what to think of it

This girl loved it!

We are definitely focused!

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