Monday, August 24, 2015

Back in a Routine

We officially made it through the first week of school!  Both girls are loving it, except the early morning wake up calls.  I knew that would wear off quick and it did.  They seem to be fine once they get going though so that's good.  Last week everything officially started back, full days of school, baton, soccer, church!  I was reminded how wonderful summer is because there are no schedules but I do love all the fun that comes with our activities.  Cohen was back at baton on Monday and Thursday.  It is always fun to start back and see all the girls.  She really didn't have a break this summer but she didn't get to see a lot of her friends so she was happy to see them!

Storytime at the library started back on Tuesday.  Bryce is going to be much more active this year, so that should be very interesting.  Hopefully we will make it through with snacks.  I definitely want to enjoy this time for Kate.  She got to make a book mark this week and she had drawn a rainbow on hers.  I enjoy time with this girl so much!

Kate's bracelet provided a little entertainment

I don't have any pictures of Kate's first soccer practice because Kelly is the one who took her.  Tonight is her 2nd practice so I will be sure he snaps me a picture!  I can say that she enjoyed it and was excited to meet her new soccer team friends.  Her friend Autumn is on her team again so that was all she needed to know to get excited.
We ended our week with a fun weekend.  Kate's friend Brinley had a birthday party at the Greenville Zoo on Saturday morning.  If you know Kate you know this was right up her alley!  She is the biggest animal lover.  She asked me all week if it was time for Brinley's birthday yet.  The party was so much fun for everybody.  Before heading into the zoo they did get to have a close up time with a little screech owl.  Everyone got to learn fun facts about the owl and pet it.  Can I just pause for a minute and tell you who LOVES owls...Kelly!  I think he was just as excited as the kids were, and yes adults got to pet the owl too.  I'm pretty sure he wanted to take the owl home with us.  It was such a fun birthday party!

The "mist" station is always a hit

While we were in Greenville we met up with our friends Eddie & Misty, and their sweet girls.  We had not got to hang out with them in a while and it is always so much fun catching up.  We have missed them since they moved to Greenville.  We had a fun time seeing them!  We had lunch downtown and then let the girls ride the downtown trolley.  It was a great way to spend our Saturday. We ended it with a little shopping at the mall and dinner at one of our favorites...McAlister's.  By the time we made it back home we had some tired little kiddos.  Kate  had found her goodie bag from the party and had some fun with the stickers in there.  One isn't ready for bed until they have decorated their face!
shopping can be lots of fun!

On the trolley...Bryce was all in to the driver and what he was saying

someone was tired!
We ended our weekend on another fun note at our church's cookout and baptism at the lake.  We love this fun night each year!  The weather turned out to be great and it is always so beautiful at the lake watching everyone be baptized.  This year Cohen's best friend Josie was getting baptized.  I had to get a picture of these sweet friends together.  All the kids love playing in the lake afterwards too.  It is really just an all around fun night!

Someone was happy being with Denny and having big stick

running into the lake

Guess who had the stickers out again?!
On a little side note, Cohen has mastered riding her bike with no training wheels.  Last Sunday she decided she wanted to go with me when I ran.  I was hesitant because I run in town and she would not only have to ride the entire 3 miles, but she would have to be able to ride through town and cross streets.  She was up for it and I have to say, this girl did great!  She had no trouble whatsoever and she actually wanted to keep going!  I am so proud of her.  Kelly took her riding with him again on Friday at the Wellness park.  She is loving it.
Its not everyday that you get to run with a unicorn!

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