Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2nd Grade Open House

Tonight was open house for both Cohen and Kate.  Cohen will be going to the 2nd grade and we are so so excited that she will be in Mrs. Shaver's class!  Mrs. Shaver is not only a dear friend of mine but is also our neighbor.  Cohen better be on her best behavior!  I know she is going to have an awesome year and she is ready for Thursday when school officially starts.   I say this every year but I have to say it again, it is so tough watching my sweet girl move through school at the speed of light but it helps when she has such a sweet, loving, incredible teacher.   We have been blessed with the absolute sweetest and best teachers for Cohen for both kindergarten and 1st grade and now we get to continue that for 2nd grade!  Here's to an awesome year in 2nd grade!

We were rushing in to open house for Cohen which also made us rush to Kate's.  I was too busy talking to all the sweet moms to get a picture of Kate and Mrs. Lori!  I will have to make sure we get one Friday which is Kate's first day.  Mrs. Lori was Kate's teacher last year and she is repeating her class this year since she is a summer birthday baby and I am choosing to hold her back.    I couldn't be happier to have her 2 years in a row and Kate is super excited too.  She loves Mrs. Lori.

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