Monday, August 10, 2015

Amelia Island Part 2

The second part of our vacation went a lot like our first only Hubby had to leave.  He left later in the afternoon on Wednesday so we all got in some beach time that morning.  The girls finally got the nerve to get out and boogie board in the waves.  I don't know why they had been more scared on this trip.  Once they started though they were having a great time.  The ocean was a lot calmer which helped too.

We had an afternoon shower/storm that day (and most days) so we headed in shortly after the boogie board fun.  Kelly had to get ready to leave anyway.  The rain did not last long so we decided to shower and get ready early and head to downtown Fernindina for some shopping then dinner.  I forgot to mention in my first post that in my hurry to pack everyone at home I apparently thought I would not need any shoes so I didn't pack myself the first pair of shoes.  While my flip flops worked just fine with most things, some of my super cute dresses were not complimented with those flip flops.  Our first night out when we went to Barbara Jean's, I had to make a stop at Target.  There are worst things than having to get a new pair of cute sandals, right?!  Target even had an excellent clearance sale going on.  Lucky me!
So anyway, we were sad to Hubby leave but we sucked it up and got ready for some fun downtown and a yummy dinner at the Crab Trap.  It was so good!  To give us all a little dinner humor, Bryce decided to have a diaper explosion right in his high chair.  Never a dull moment...  When I picked him up from his chair, (only because he was being a little fussy and I was finished eating), I quickly smelled something and looked down to see it all coming out of his diaper and up his back!  The faces on everyone at our table were priceless...I wish I had a picture!
shopped out!

Houston we have a problem...

A beautiful sunset is always a guarantee

Someone loved the statues

Cohen was doing her best to be the statue
Thursday we headed down to the pool after breakfast.  Cohen made a new friend with a boy named Bobby.  I think they had played together earlier in the week but this particular day they played a lot at the pool.  I got a kick out of watching them.  They would swim, then just sit and talk.  They really loved standing under the pool shower then jumping in the pool.  She did catch some slack from her big cousin Brock and he would tease her about meeting a boyfriend.

We spent our afternoon down on the beach.  Bryce came down again this afternoon.  He loved the beach and really enjoyed trying to eat the sand.   Kate on the other hand loved running in and out of the water.  Jessica & I were listening to her yell as she ran and we finally decided she was shouting "cannonball" as she ran.  I love her little spirit.  She is so full of life and has the best time no matter what she is doing!

That night we stayed in and then had a fun night of card games.  Beach nights are always full of good games of Rook.
Friday we enjoyed our last day.  That afternoon we had more storms but luckily we had gotten some pool time in earlier.  The girls cracked me up in this picture.  Kate doesn't even look like herself with these big goggles on.

Bryce really enjoyed the sliding glass doors in the condo this week.  I got some of the funniest pictures of him pressing his face against the glass.  He is at such a cute age!  I could eat him up!

my personal favorite smash face!

He also had to bear his big sister Kate pulling him around all over the carpet.  She is such a mess.  I would hear her say, "hey little boy", "come back here little boy", "come here Brycee".  He is going to be one tough boy putting up with her!

We ended our week of fun with another night downtown.  They were actually holding a free concert downtown too.  We went back to the Marina Restaurant.  Mama has had a terrible time finding foods she can actually taste.  The chemo has been awful when it comes to her taste buds so we are really hoping that is one of the first things to come back for her!  She really wanted to taste some yummy seafood but had little luck.  She did want to try some fried chicken at the restaurant because chicken has been one food that she can still taste somewhat.  We had a fun night out.  It was a great week spent at a great place.  I love this close time with my family, craziness and all!  Until next time Amelia Island!  We will be back in about 2 1/2 months for GA/FLA!!

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