Monday, August 17, 2015

Bryce 10 months

Bryce is now in the double digit numbers for months!  This means we are getting close to that one year mark.  This mama is just not ready for that milestone but I know it is coming and fast.  Bryce is growing so much and boy is he into everything!  I have even had strangers tell me that I am going to have my hands full when he starts walking.  Let me tell you, those are not the most comforting words to hear.  He is very mobile and active but he also wants to be held a lot.  He is a Mama's boy right now and I will soak that up as long as I can.  He now loves to crawl and pull up on everything.  He is so curious.  I have had to stress to the girls that they need to keep toys, especially little toys, put away because he also puts everything straight to the mouth.  It is pretty fascinating to watch how he loves to play with a ball.  He will crawl all over the floor rolling a ball around.  He is truly our little joy and I am loving every minute with him.  Now that the girls have started back to school we have 3 mornings a week to ourselves.  I know we will have fun filling those.
Here is a little bit about Bryce at 10 months:

  • He is pulling up on everything.  We have experienced several fall as well so you will notice some head bruises in pictures. 
  • Loves to play with a ball, and also his kitty that he can chase around  
  • Loves his sisters!  He will play more with Kate and she is home more with us, but he also can get irritated with her more.  He seems to have nothing but smiles for Cohen.
  • Is the world's best sleep fighter
  • Weighs just over 20 pounds
  • Wears 6-12 mos. clothes and size 2 shoes
  • LOVES the water.  I will be so sad to see summer go.  This boy loves the pool.
  • Still has no teeth but I'm sure they are coming soon.  He loves to eat his fingers and lately has had some very nasty diapers.  He also had a runny nose which the girls always did teething.  It has stopped so we will see if it was anything related.
  • Still loves his paci
  • Loves to be outside and take rides on the golf cart and in his push car
  • Can say Ma-Ma.  And he does know who he's talking about.   He can say a form of Da-Da too  but Ma-Ma wins for first word!  Ya-hoo!
  • He waves "hey" and "bye-bye" and loves to point his finger and just babble.  He thinks it is hilarious to point and say "no sir".  That may be a problem later! lol!
  • Takes around 2 naps a day.  Some are short and we are working on a new nap schedule with school.
  • takes about 3 bottles a day and is much more interested in food and table food now
Bryce is getting harder and harder to sit for his "monthly tie" pictures but the ones we do get he is precious!  I love my little boy!

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