Friday, August 14, 2015

Kate's First Day of Preschool!

Today it was Kate's turn to go to school.  Her preschool class started today and she was ready!  I think seeing Cohen start yesterday had her even more ready for her turn.  This will be her first full year of preschool.  She went to this class last year but she didn't start until after Bryce was born.  Having Mrs. Lori again made her even more comfortable.   We had a crazy rushed morning which pretty much sums up every school morning.  Between getting Cohen ready, Kate ready, and keeping Bryce occupied it is a 3 ring circus.  I miss those days when Bryce slept through it all!   After scurrying around I could not find Kate's new book bag to save my life.  I was almost in a  panic.  Why  I had not already pulled it out I will never know.  I guess I thought I knew right where it was and turns out I didn't.  Last year Kate carried one of Cohen's old book bags all year.  It had Cohen's name on it and all.  By the time she started several of our favorite book bags were back ordered for months.  She never said a thing and the next thing we knew the year was almost over so I decided to wait and just let her have a new one for this year.  So this morning when we couldn't find it anywhere I felt awful.  Of course Kate is my child that rolls with whatever so she was fine to take Cohen's book bag from last year.  Still new to Kate and I told her she would not have to do this every day.  She was fine with it and out the door we went.  Can I just say this is one big example of how different my girls are.  Kate handled the situation very calm and was fine with it while Cohen probably would have had the biggest melt down in the state.  Thank goodness it was Kate, right?!  When we got to the school Kate was all ready to go in.  She handed Mrs. Lori our little gift for her.  We had the most fun making teacher gifts this year.  I wish so bad I had a good picture but I didn't get one of Mrs. Lori's or Mrs. Shavers!  We painted flower pots black and then wrote the teacher's names on them in a white paint pen.  The pots were filled with little goodies like snacks, notepads, gum and sanitizer.  Just a little welcome gift to show our teacher's how much we appreciate them.
I took some pictures of my sweet girl then headed out.  She was already busy with a puzzle.  I knew she was going to have a great day.  When I picked her up Mrs. Lori said they had a great first day.  Her class is this year is all girls except for 1 little boy!   He actually wasn't there this first day but I know he is going to have his hands full with 9 girl play mates!  I am looking forward to a great year for Kate.  I know she is going to meet so many new sweet friends and she will still have her friends from last year too.  Two of the girls are staying back with Kate and the others will be in the 4 year room.  I hope it won't be too noticeable to Kate but I felt this was a good year to repeat to get her on track with her school class.

Mrs. Lori and Mrs. Cindy also took some pictures on the first day which I loved seeing!

8 sweet girls! 

This was Kate's sweet artwork from today and her "Kissing Hand" cookie.  One of our favorite books!


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