Monday, August 17, 2015

Product Review-The Otteroo

Recently I got the chance to try out a product called the Otteroo.  The Otteroo is a type of floatie that can be used with babies as small as 8 weeks old!  When I saw this product it peaked my interest because here we were in the middle of summer and it was something I felt could be very helpful with Bryce.  Bryce absolutely loves the water and at the start of the summer in May he was content in his floatie ring.  As the summer went on he became more mobile and active and was trying to climb out of the float.  He was still much too young for the Puddle Jumper and a life jacket did nothing but put him straight on his back.  Facing up straight at the sun was not going to cut it for him so the Otteroo really had my interest.  At your first look you would think the Otteroo goes against everything you have ever read or seen because it does fit around your baby's neck.   But the Otteroo actually stretches horizontally not vertically and then you simply click two straps.  There are 2 circular openings that allow for water to drain and avoid being splashed in baby's face.

Last week when we were at the pool Bryce got to try out his Otteroo and I am very happy to say he LOVED it.  The Otteroo has a comfy chin rest and the opening easily stretches out for a comfy fit.  The edges are smooth so I didn't have to worry about it scratching his neck and becoming uncomfortable.  And when we were finished swimming there was absolutely no red marks at all on him.
The Otteroo stretches horizontally to go on easy.  No over the head tugging and pulling!

Of course Bryce is at the age where everything goes to his mouth or he wants to lick it!  In the pool in his spring float he would try to drink the water which was starting to freak me out because I was afraid he would take in too much.  You can see here that he wanted to give his Otteroo a taste test, but no worries because the Otteroo uses the highest grade of toxin-free plastic.  No cheap plastic smell and totally safe for this lick happy baby.

At the pool I loved watching Bryce have so much fun.  This product allows for him to move his arms and legs and never once did he come close to flipping!  He was able to have the freedom of his arms and legs which would be beneficial in building his muscle strength.  (Uh-oh we may have a walker soon!)
All in all we were very happy with the Otteroo and can't wait to get more play time in the pool with it.  You can also use the Otteroo in the tub!  This product can be used on babies as young as 8 weeks and the flexible rim will expand with your baby as he/she grows.  (Up to 35 pounds!).  I know I look forward to Bryce using his not only the rest of this summer but next summer as well.  I would highly recommend the Otteroo to all Mommy friends!  You can get your very own Otteroo for just $35.  It is available at

Bryce was able to have fun playing with his feet!  No worries about turning over!

I would add that I was always with Bryce in the pool.  We are all about pool safety :)

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