Wednesday, August 12, 2015

'Twas the Night Before 2nd Grade

Dear Cohen,
The day is almost here...your first day of 2nd grade!  So many emotions go through my mind when school starts and ends.  Mainly just the same question...where did the time go?  I still can't believe you are going into the 2nd grade!  Do you know I can still remember my first day of 2nd grade?!  I don't remember everything but I remember my mama walking me in to my classroom and I remember her giving me pencils from her pocket book.  So funny the things you remember.  You are at an age now where you are going to have so many memories from this time in your life.  That only makes these years that much more important, especially in my eyes.   I want you to know how very proud I am of you and the little girl you have become.  You are such a sweet, confident, and funny little girl and I know you are in for one of the best school years.  You have a wonderful teacher!  I always pray for you and pray that you find some great friends.  I know some of your best friends are in other grades or at other schools but I pray that you make some good friends in your class. Friends that will only be positive and  good influences for you.  And I pray that you will be that kind of friend to others.  Ever since you walked into that school as a kindergartener I have had to learn to let you go little by little and let me tell you...Mama's have a hard time giving up control over their kids.  Don't ask me why, but we will understand one day.  The one thing that has made this easier is the teachers I have handed you over to.   I'm thankful that this year I pass you to one of my sweet friends who I know will love on you and encourage you to be your best.  And I thank Courtney and Amber for not only teaching you in the past but for loving you and for helping you to become the girl you are today!  The big 2nd grader you are!  I will pray for you daily that you will have great days at school, that you know that I love you and most importantly that God loves you.  I pray that you are a light to other kids at that school and that you will be an example to others.  On days when I worry how you are doing I have to remind myself that as much as I love you, God loves you more and He wants what is best for you even more than I do.  I truly to love the girl you are and are continuing to become and I look forward to watching you grow this year even more.  You teach me so much as you grow.  Being a mom can be so very frustrating and I want to scream at the end of some would probably tell me that I do scream at the end of a lot of days, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it.  They do make wine for days like those...:)
So baby girl, as you start a new chapter tomorrow, know that you make me proud every day.  I love you so very much.  I think you are one of the smartest, most beautiful little girls.  Always keep God first in your life and be kind!
It is now 10:42 and you have finally fallen asleep beside me on the couch.  I think the excitement for tomorrow really made it tough for you to fall asleep.  I don't know how many times you came into this living room telling me you couldn't sleep.  I hope you have that kind of excitement for the rest of your life!  Tomorrow I will post your first day of school picture.  I mean doesn't every mom take THAT picture.  These days every one is even making a fancy sign so let me get to work on that! lol!  Since every blog post needs a picture, I will post special pics just for you on this one.  School starts on Thursday so what better throw backs (a few hours early) than these! Your awesome Mom and Dad in all of our 2nd grade glory.   Now you know how you got to be so fabulous!   I don't know what is the best, my hair or Daddy's front teeth.  This should also have you thinking twice about cutting your hair!   2nd grade here we come!
I love you!

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  1. Sweetest post ever! Hope she has a fantastic day!!!