Saturday, October 29, 2016

Church Campout

Last Saturday was our church's annual campout at Oconee State Park.  Kelly has been on the campout several times over the years. Mostly when he was younger but he did take Brock and Cohen a couple of years ago.  I have never been because in years past we have always had a small child that I did not want to camp with.  This year, even though Bryce was just 2, we decided we wanted to go.  We knew Cohen and Kate would love it, and so would Bryce.  He may be a handful for us but it was worth a shot.  I'm so glad we went because we all had so much fun and Bryce really did good!  The girls have already been asking when we could go back on the church camp out.  They will be counting down the days until next year!  Some families camp Friday and Saturday nights but we were only brave enough to go on Saturday.  We left Saturday around 11:00 and made it there by lunch.  We had a picnic lunch, and got our tent set up.  Really Kelly did that while I managed the kids.  This was hilarious because everyone sets up their tents around the campfire.  When I went down to the circle to check out how things were going I couldn't believe how small our tent was!  Especially compared to some of the others.  It was so funny and we got such a laugh out of it all day.  It was big enough for us to sleep in but that was about it.  Which really was all we needed but it was still so funny looking at our tent in between these 2 big tents.
our little tent, can you guess which one is which
After lunch, everyone always goes on a hike.  Brad and Westley do a great job planning this entire trip and that includes the hike.  It was probably a 2 mile round trip hike and it was to King Creek Falls.  I love seeing the trees start to change colors and when you throw a waterfall in there it is just beautiful!  Westley carried Bryce the entire way going to the falls and we carried him out.  The girls were with all the other kids so there were no complaints from them!  It was nice!

All of the kids!
After the hike we all headed back to the park.  There was an intense game of kickball with the kids vs. the adults.  I was watching Bryce on the playground but it was quite entertaining to stop and watch the kickball game too.  At one point Bryce took off running to Elliott who was out in the field.  He is full speed ahead at all times and is oblivious to anything else that might be going on.  Kate had a blast on the playground with Autumn and Carolina.  I think the slide was a big hit!

Baby on the field! Timeout!

Cohen and Josie stayed on their bikes a lot.  Cohen slept in the camper with Josie and Buddy and Sherry's camper so we didn't see a lot of her.  These girls were back and forth and having a ball!
Kate enjoying some boiled peanuts
playing football with Nathan
That night we all ate together then sat around the campfire.  We played Bingo and drank hot chocolate.  It was a fun time for sure.  Bryce, who had not had a nap, was so tired.  He went to bed early and thankfully went to sleep quick.   He had played his heart out all day! When we all went to bed we were nice and warm all cuddled in together.  Of course I never sleep the best camping but it wasn't because I got cold for sure!   Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast and then had church around the campfire.  The kids and adults had one more fierce kickball game, this time the adults won.  The kids had won on Saturday.  After that everyone packed up and headed home.  It was a fun time!  Like I said, the kids are already looking forward to next year!

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