Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bryce Turns 2!

Just typing the title for this blog hurts me!  How in the world is my baby already 2?!  Regardless of how it doesn't seem possible, it is, and my sweet little boy celebrated his 2nd birthday last Sunday.  Bryce may quite possibly be the most loving, outgoing, and precious boy I know. (not biased at all)  He is so much FUN!  He loves everyone and remembers everyone!  When you know Bryce and see him, he throws his hand up waving and saying hey to you.  Granted he may be saying this all with a paci in his mouth but you still know what he's saying.  When I say he has the best memory I do mean it!  He can remember things I would never think he could and he associates so good!  I can mention one person and he might start naming off their family members.  He amazes me every single day with the things he knows and says.  Bryce is a great talker and his vocabulary is endless.  He reminds me a lot of his oldest sister.  She was always that way.   He is 100% all boy!  Bryce LOVES any kind of truck or "big tuck" in his words, loves tractors, lawn mowers, trailers, airplanes, fire trucks, police cars, trains, buses, ambulances, etc....Anything that goes!  That is what I did for his birthday.  We only had a small little party for him but it was just right for him and he had a blast.  The Tonka truck he is sitting in in the first picture is one of his favorite things to play with outside.  He will push this truck every single day all around the yard.  Sometimes I push him in it and he loves that too!  Between that and the golf cart we stay busy enjoying this awesome fall weather.  I could go on and on about how awesome he is.  I have truly loved every single second of him and that is why I wish I could freeze him now.  I never want to forget all these precious memories and days we have together. I don't want to forget how cute he is talking every day!  He wakes up, lays in his bed, and just names his favorite people over and over, or lists all of the transportation vehicles he loves.  It will crack you up!  Here are some fun pictures from Bryce's birthday and a little bit about Bryce at 2!  We could not possibly love him more!

waving at Keyes & Elliott

With all of my kids we always take a picture at bedtime on the night before their birthday.  One last picture being one!

 Sunday when Bryce woke up we had pumpkin muffins and of course let him blow out his candles in his muffins.  I couldn't resist this sweet picture.  He is precious with his bed hair, paci, and morning eyes!

We had church that morning but came home before small groups to get started on lunch for everyone.  Bryce loved his party and got so many fun things.  I was in love with his cake!  Shannon always does the BEST cakes and they taste as good as they look.  She is amazing and does amazing things with her cakes!

He loved opening presents.  Of course after opening the first one he wanted it opened out of its box and was finished with the others.  We had to keep telling him to open more and of course he had eager helpers to help him unwrap.  My favorite was the weed eater we got him.  He is all about his Daddy's tools so having one of his own was right up his alley.  Bebe had given him the push mower and we got him the weed eater.  He put on his safety goggles and went to town!  He also had to weed eat all the girls' hair.

He loved his weed eater so much that he wanted to sleep with it.  

Bryce at 2: (official stats from his check-up will have to come later)

  • ALL BOY!  He is into everything and is never still!
  • Loves trucks, tractors, airplanes, trains, cars, lawn mowers, etc...  He is addicted to videos about each on YouTube and I have survived many grocery trips thanks to them!
  • Loves to go!  He is always ready to climb in the car.  
  • Loves to swing.  At Suzy's house he will climb in his swing and want to be pushed.  He even has a certain way he likes to be pushed.
  • Loves people!  He is always looking for Pop, Denny, and Westley! He loves going to Burger King with Suzy and Denny and socializing up there.   He loves to go to Pop & Sug's house, Bebe's house, Suzy & Denny's house and Dawn's house!  He loves Keyes, Elliott, and Grace!  
  • Has no fear about anything!
  • Loves golf cart rides
  • Can eat better than either one of his sisters! 
  • Wears 18-24 mos. or just 24 mos. clothes and size 6 shoes
  • Loves to watch tractor movies!    This is how I am able to take showers without wondering if he is tearing the house down.
  • loves to throw a ball!  Another thing that just seems to be in his make up!  All boy!  He will pull that arm back and say "ready mommy" and throw it as hard as he can.  We also kick the ball a lot!
  • loves truck rides in Pop's truck
  • Hates hair cuts, but as he told me he does still love Annie.  That is the one thing he will scream for and we still have no clue why.
I can't say enough about our sweet boy.  He is so loved and we are so lucky that God blessed us to be his parents!  I'm looking forward to another fun, memorable year with our sweet Brycee!

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