Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kate's Denver Downs Field Trip

Each year the preschool takes a field trip to the pumpkin patch and this year they went back to Denver Downs in Anderson, SC.  This place has any and everything you can think of and is a GREAT place for a field trip.   The original trip was to another pumpkin farm but at the last minute we were able to get the group into Denver Downs and I'm so glad that worked out!  There is so much to do there.  The kids got to jump on the giant pillow, swing, play in the sand box, see baby goats and pigs, do a small corn maze, ride the cow train, play in the hay barn, and take a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch.  That's just to name a few things!  On weekends they have a haunted trail/corn maze. I would love to try that out but I think we are going to run out of time this year.  Maybe next year!  The morning of the field trip Kate sat at our front door waiting for Nolan and Rebekah to get there.  She was excited! These 2 are the best of friends for sure!

 This baby goat actually crawled out of the fence and the kids were all over that!  

Kate was a little nervous about sitting in the big chair so Nolan held her hand so she would be scared of falling

After leaving, we headed straight to our favorite lunch spot, Chic-fil-a!  Rebekah and I ran a few errands and made the most of our day!  It was so much fun and these 2 kids just have the best time together.  I had noticed that Kate was a little quieter as the day went on and sure enough about 3:00 she felt like she had a fever.  Once we got home she admitted (finally) that her throat was hurting.  The next day we had a trip to the Dr's office but luckily it wasn't strep.  She was given antibiotics and the next day she was much better.  So strange but I'll take a quick recovery!

The week before the field trip, just before fall break started, the preschool had a heroes day where they honored local law enforcement and firefighters.  The school has several dads in those fields.  One even let the kids crawl in and sit in his police car.  Bryce even got in on that fun!  I told Kate and her friend Hannah that this was the only time I was allowed to see them in the back of a cop car!  Their faces were hilarious!

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