Monday, October 3, 2016

Catching Up with the Finger's!

I have a whole lotta blog catching up to do and I'm going to do most of it in this one post.  Extra long post warning.  Since school started back it has been non-stop for us.  We have definitely settled into a routine with school, baton, soccer, church, and everything else in between.  I am loving that we are finally getting some hints of fall weather, and that has only come these last few days.  For the sake of this post though I am going to back up over the last month and catch up.  I have a few pictures I never posted at the beginning of the school year.  We were caught up in watching the summer Olympics that first week of school so in honor of the Olympics we had some chalk fun outside!

 Kelly took Cohen and Josie on a date night out.  Their restaurant of choice...Golden Corral!  He sent me these pictures of them having some fun!  As you can see, Cohen was all into the chocolate!

We all had a fun night out at P.F. Chang's.  Savannah had just turned 9 and we had celebrated her birthday.

This past month and a half we have settled back into school, all of our activities and just life on the go really.  Kate is loving preschool  and I love getting pictures of her days from Amy.   I pick her and Nolan up each day and he comes to stay and play with us once, sometimes twice a week.  These 2 play so well together.  They love to catch butterflies on our flowers and they can catch one very fast!  They also love playing with Kate's animals.  I never hear one peep out of them.  Kate told me the other day that she was going to marry Nolan because he was just her favorite.  They are truly best buddies!

 While Kate is at school for those few hours in the morning, Bryce and I get a little fun time in ourselves.  Those hours are usually filled with some house work, golf cart rides are a must, and he also gets some early morning breakfast time in with Suzy and Denny at Burger King.  I try to run early in the mornings and do Pilates so he gets to have his breakfast with them and I know he has really enjoyed that.  Sometimes I pick him up at the hardware store where he and Denny are hanging out after breakfast.  He sure has the life!
Just last week I got brave enough to take Bryce back to the library for story time, just him and I.  I have always had Kate to take and since she has been at school every day it was just Bryce this time. He actually did very good, and he made me a precious picture frame.  I think his smiling cute face in it was all I needed to see!

Coming back from a run one morning, Dawn & I saw this cute sight! Just hanging out!

While potty training isn't going on just yet, we are creating interest.  This particular morning Bryce was having his muffins while sitting on his potty seat!  Whatever works!

 Bryce is into everything, including breaking our piggy bank...his face says it all...uh-oh!

We recently changed Bryce's bed to the toddler bed stage.  I will admit that a tear or two or twenty were shed.  I can't believe my baby boy is growing up so fast!

Our Georgia boy fell asleep with his football!  #futuredawg
Some mornings while I shower, Bryce wants to watch his "trator & combine" movie!  He is so funny watching this little John Deere movie.  He is definitely all about anything with wheels.  That also includes the little grocery buggy when we go grocery shopping.

Cohen is back into regular baton classes and her private lessons.  She is loving it and loves seeing all her friends!  She is also playing soccer this fall.  Yes that is no typo....Cohen is playing soccer!  We had signed Kate up as usual when the very next day Cohen up and says she thinks she might play.  Well we jumped on that since she has never shown interest.  I know her first love is always baton but we have always asked if she would want to play sports.  She has had her anxious moments before her games but she is doing AWESOME!  Her team is full of great kids and they have yet to lost a game!  This upcoming week will end our regular season games.  I know Cohen has had a lot of fun learning to play and has learned so much!  She even got her first goal last week.  I wish I had a picture of that but these games are intense and I am all into them!  I love to watch Kate too but her games are still not quite as action packed.  Kelly is Kate's coach so when the girls play at the same time which is a lot, I have to be with Cohen and he is with Kate.  Kate did pick her team name again and went with her favorite animal...the Lions.  Luckily we are Lion fans here in Franklin County since that is our high school mascot :)  This fall I have definitely earned my title as "soccer mom".  

Kelly and I got to have some fun attending Grandparent's Day for our nieces, Addison and Savannah. Sug & Pop were with Nana that day for her birthday so we gladly filled in.  I loved getting to see their classrooms and even got a tour of the school with Savannah.  It is so much fun getting small glimpses into their days.  

September always has the Carnesville fair which my kids love!  This is big stuff for a small town like Carnesville!  They started having this little fair several years ago and it has become a regular activity for us each year.  This year we hit up the fair then went to the rodeo.  Two big events in one night!  The girls had a blast riding the rides and especially loved the big bubbles they got to get in and try to walk on the water in.  I can only describe this as human hamsters!  It was cracking us up.

Denny got caught giving Bryce Coke!

Another fun event for us in the month of September was homecoming!  Our sweet neighbor Grace made homecoming court for the high school.  We absolutely love Grace and getting to experience all this fun with her was so fun.  Cohen and I went shopping with her and Dawn for her court dress.  It was beautiful and so was she!  I couldn't think of a sweeter girl to represent her grade!

With homecoming comes spirit week at school.  The kids love each day and have fun with the themes.  Some from this year were super hero day, twin day, Disney day, nerd day, and spirit day. 
Cohen & Kingsley
 A funny note on this Minnie Mouse picture, Cohen's tutu here is a size 24 months!  I could not believe that when she put that thing on.  I knew we had had this for while but I really didn't think it was that small.  Good thing she is a little girl!

And even more fun from September...the midnight flight run that us girls did.  We always look for a fun girls night out and sometimes that includes running.  Of course running is always followed up by a fun dinner, but hey we run to eat!

 We have really enjoyed being able to ride bikes together this summer.  That was one fun purchase we made was making sure we all had bikes.  That was mainly having to buy one for me and Hubby, (and a bike seat for Bryce).  We live so close to town that we can ride from our house.  When all the kids are going we try to start at the ballfields where the sidewalk starts.  One Saturday Kelly, me, Cohen, Savannah, and Bryce all went for a long ride around town.  After riding for a while we decided to make a playground stop and after that a lunch stop for BBQ at Chad's.  It was a great way to spend our Saturday morning.

Cohen & Josie have had their normal sleepover fun.  One night I got this picture from Jennifer and I about died laughing...they were playing "clown and spy".  I think its easy to tell who's who, and if those faces don't crack you up not much will!

Last week Kate got to celebrate Grandparent's Day at First Friends.  Bebe picked her up for school and Sug and Pop joined them at school for a yummy breakfast.  Kate was so excited.  She was up at the first mention of it being morning.  She jumped up saying it was Grandparent's Day.  She got to go home with Sug so she was excited about that too!

And ending the month on a fun note, we got to make a quick trip to Charlotte for Jessica's gender reveal party, and 2 of my favorite WAIFS came to visit us in Lavonia.  We went to Charlotte one Sunday afternoon just for a quick trip.  I was very glad we got to go up and see everyone for the afternoon.  I hate that I don't get up there more often but life just takes over and keeps us so busy!  Jess & Michael (GSG) were so excited to find out they were having a baby BOY!  I was almost afraid for it to be a girl...Jess wanted a boy just a tad.
This little girl sure did like Bryce!

I was beyond thrilled to get to spend some time with my favorite...Linda!!  I miss this girl so much!

Just 2 weeks later Tina had some work in Atlanta she was down for so Tara made the drive from Charlotte for some fun time in GA.  The girls were so excited and we were sad that there wasn't a soccer game, but they did both have practice so Tina and Tara did get to watch practice.  On Friday we had lunch and did a little shopping local here in Lavonia!  We are getting to be big time!

The next night we all got to spend time with Jarrett, Hazel, and Poppy!  We love getting to have some friend time with them.  This sweet girl is just growing so fast.  Bryce was all smiles getting his picture made with Poppy!

So there is our life for the last half of August and month of September!  I am hoping that I can actually keep up a little bit better in October!  I LOVE October and all the fall fun that comes with it! HAPPY FALL Y'ALL!

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