Thursday, October 27, 2016

Boo in the Zoo!

Last Friday we had a fun trip planned for the kids!  Kate is such an animal lover and we all love Halloween.  Greenville Zoo does their Boo in the Zoo every year during the last 2 weekends in October.  I had decided I wanted to do this with the kids and we had one day that was going to work with our schedule.  As an added bonus we got to meet our friends Eddie and Misty and their 2 girls at the zoo.  They live in Greenville and Misty had told me they loved going.  I'm so glad it worked out because we got to have fun and see our friends.  It was a great way to trick-or-treat and see the animals.  They close the zoo and re-open at 5:30 for the whole Boo in the Zoo.  The line winds through zoo and along the way are stations for the kids to trick-or-treat at.  It was very organized.  That zoo is smaller but just the right size for kids and especially for a fun event like this.  We will definitely have to plan to do it again!
Kate was excited even though this smile might make you think otherwise! 

One of the monkeys had a baby and monkeys are already fascinating to me so this really was something to see.  As you can see I had to take several pictures.  I think I could sit and watch monkeys for hours.  The mama would swing all over the cage and that baby just held on for dear life. Then the mom would snuggle the baby.  For a while she kept her back to us almost keeping the baby hid on purpose but then moved around and the baby just stared at all of us.  This one was by far my favorite of the night!

Bryce was all about having his picture made with "Paw Patrol!"

The zoo has a huge playground that we did let the kids play on for a little bit.  The fun had to end when Bryce decided to run off and almost give me a heart attack.  He has no fear whatsoever and just goes full speed ahead oblivious to anyone and anything.  It was dark at this point and this Mama's nerves couldn't handle anymore.  It was so much fun and I'm so glad we got to do this.

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