Sunday, October 9, 2016

Little Miss Echo

Last Sunday Cohen was in the Little Miss Echo pageant at our high school.  Our high school's yearbook is called Echo and each year one girl in high school is crowned Miss Echo.  A few years ago they added the Little Miss Echo pageant for girls 0-8th grade.  Cohen did the pageant last year, was 1st runner up in her age group, and had so much fun she was counting down to being able to do it again.  It was a little earlier this year and luckily fell on a Sunday which didn't interfere with any Georgia games!  That's a big deal breaker in our house.  The girls compete in casual wear and formal wear, with casual wear going first.   All of these girls had on such cute outfits!  There were several that I wanted to see in adult sizes! I wish I could have posted a video of Cohen during this part because she was really getting into it.  She definitely showed off how sassy she can be!
ATRM girls!

Savannah was cheering Cohen on!

These 2 cuties were too adorable in their outfits!  

After a quick change into their formal gowns it was back on stage.

We were so excited when Cohen won her age group and then all the winners are called back out on stage and the overall Little Miss Echo was crowned and that was Cohen!   I really got my mom trophy pulled though because I had no camera and only had my phone.  I was also sitting to the side so I wouldn't have got a great picture.  But her face is forever saved in my mind because her little mouth just fell open and she was so surprised.  It was really precious and I know she was not expecting that at all.  We were very excited for her and I was so proud of her.  One thing the overall winner received was a Cabbage Patch doll.  I had to tell Cohen that those dolls were popular when I was a little girl.  They still smell the exact same!  She loved getting that doll and getting a real birth certificate with it.  It was dressed for Halloween since the pageant was in October.  She has slept with that doll several nights this past week and has taken it along with us as much as we will let her.   It was such a fun day for her.  A big big thank you to LeAnne (Annie) for fixing her hair.  You know this Mama is not a good hair stylist.   I can do makeup but not hair.  Annie was there to make her hair beautiful and I appreciate her so much!  All the girls were really just so beautiful!

I think these 2 will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in a few years!  Already taking selfies! And so pretty inside and out!

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