Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Klean Kanteen Product Review

Ok fellow moms, how many of you are looking for a good sippy cup?!  As a mom to a 2 year old and even for my 5 year old I have a big need for a good sippy cup.  About 2 months ago I became pretty fed up with a lot of the cups we had here at our house.  I felt like I literally owned every cup that Target and Wal-Mart sold and yet I had no one brand that I really loved.  My cabinets held a variety looking something like this...

and with those cups come this not so fun and not always easy to clean valves...

My biggest problem was in the cleaning of the cups.  I do put our cups in the dishwasher but I would find that certain cups especially the ones with no-leak valves were taking forever to dry.   I had one brand that even when the valves were completely dry, water was getting trapped in the valve and causing the valves to stink and who knows what else.  That was not what I wanted my kids drinking out of.  Those cups found their way to the trash very quickly.  I also hated the cups that once we would take them apart to clean them it would take an engineer to get them back together.  Not good at all for me, so I went on a sippy cup hunt!  I was bound and determined to find something I had not used, that was durable, easy for Mr. B to use, and easy to clean.  I was then introduced to the Klean Kanteen.

The Klean Kanteen is a stainless steel bottle made with safe, BPA-free materials and  is designed specifically for children.  Klean Kanteen not only has the sippy cup option, they also make  baby bottles.  One awesome characteristic of the sippy cup is that it can quickly become a water bottle with the switch of a top.  These are interchangeable and make the transition easy for kids!  When we got our Klean Kanteen cup the first thing I immediately liked was how sturdy and durable it was.  Bryce is rough on his cups because he thinks it is fun to throw his cup down all the time, whether he is doing it because he is having a tantrum moment or just throwing it since as a boy in him mind all things can be thrown.  After using this cup for a few weeks we have one small dent but nothing big at all and it has totally withheld its beating from Bryce.  You can see the loop at the top of this lid and that would make it easy to clip onto a stroller or bag.  I haven't used that option yet but I can see where it would come in handy.
A big big plus, is that so far we haven't had one leak using this cup.  It does have a spill proof valve  that is easily removed from the cup but we haven't had a problem with cleaning it or with a leak.  The cup was also very easy for Bryce to drink out of.  I may or may not have tried it out myself to be sure it came out easy.
Believe it or not Bryce has his favorite cups that he always wants to use.   This cup has become one of those.  He likes the "Gween" top and I think it is just easy for him to hold.   The cup actually has kept his drink colder than other cups.  I like the fact that it is stainless steel and BPA free.  Who doesn't like a cup that is environmentally safe, right?
Overall we were very please with our Klean Kanteen cup.  I already have my eye on a hot pink water bottle for Cohen to have at school that keeps drinks cold for 40 hours!  Yes please!  So all of my mom friends out there  definitely go check out all the awesome products from Klean Kanteen Here.
You will not be disappointed...see how happy Bryce was using his!

**I was gifted one Klean Kanteen cup for review.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.**

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