Monday, May 4, 2015

Jimmy Fallon

A couple of months back we had a very funny surprise.  It was on a Monday night and it was also during a week that we had some bad weather and Kelly and I were up late watching the weather just to see the school closings.  When the news/weather went off I was still up working and Jimmy Fallon came on after so I kept it on.  I do think he is hilarious but very rarely stay up to watch the show.  So the fact that I had the show on was major coincidence #1.  Back up a little...when they were showing what was going to be on the show that night they flashed a picture of Aladdin and I thought to myself..."how wild because that looks like the same Aladdin we saw at Disney a couple of years ago".  Didn't think anything more about it.  Now as I was working, I thought I heard my name...(it was pronounced a little funny) but you know when you hear your name.  I casually glanced up and saw this on my T.V.
Ummm, that is my sweet Cohen on our first Disney trip TWO years ago.  By now I had put the computer down and was not very casual.  I was a little freaked out and in disbelief.  I quickly grabbed the remote, paused it and yelled for Kelly to come in the room.  Quite a few times at that.  (Isn't DVR awesome?! How else would we have been able to fully enjoy this without pausing, rewinding, and rewatching!).  I played it back for Kelly and he was just as stunned as I was.  I think we watched it over and over several times.  Here's the kicker...I did not send the picture in.  How it got there I still have no clue.  Probably this blog because it is public and its the only place this picture is posted.  I am private on FB and the blog link would be the only connection there as well.  It was also not on Instagram.  I was given full credit for the photo so I don't think anyone was trying to take credit or be malicious.  I actually sat and laughed my head off at Jimmy Fallon and the whole segment which was really comparing him to Aladdin.  I had never considered that but after watching him I did see it a little.  It sure was funny to watch too.  We got a big kick out of my 5 minutes of fame (and Cohen's) on Jimmy Fallon and I think a lot of others got a kick out of it too.  You never know where your pictures might end up.  And there is no better show to be on than on Fallon!  He is a hoot!
The Aladdin/Fallon comparison 

sweet Coco on her first Disney trip.  I remember how we told her she & the Genie were alike with their 1 earring.  She had lost the other!

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