Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Kate's Preschool Field Trips

With school winding down we are getting to do a lot of fun "end of the year" activities.  Both girls have a lot going on but it is all fun stuff and we are loving it.  I told someone just yesterday that anyone who thought Christmas was the busiest time of the year never had children because May is super busy for us with school ending, activities ending, church, soccer, etc.... Its all fun though and we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves if we weren't busy.
Last week Kate had 2 fun field trips with her preschool class.  On Monday we walked to the library for a tour and story time.  They also colored a fun super hero picture that was hung up in the library.  We go to the library each week for story time so Kate is familiar with the library and she loves to go.  She really loves getting to play in the children's section!

The next day we did go back to our regular story time and Kate got to make a bird feeder.  She was excited about that.

On Friday her class took a trip to Sunny Hill Strawberry patch.  Kate loves strawberries!  She loved filling her cup up and was all about finding that perfect red strawberry.  She had informed me that morning that they could only get red ones, the green ones were "yucky".   She really enjoyed eating the ones she had picked too!  Trust me when I say she made sure there was not one empty space in her cup! 

Of course she had to sample while she picked

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