Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bryce's First Baseball Game

I can't let Bryce's first baseball game go without a little blog post.  We finally got to go to one of Brock's baseball games last Friday night.  I love watching him play ball and if I stop to really think about it and see how big he is now I will lose it like the sappy aunt I am.  I also know that before long that will be my little man out there (maybe).  Thank goodness for a nice day because we really had fun watching the game and I think Bryce was a little good luck charm.  Brock's team won by one run and Brock was the one who scored that run!  He had a good game aside from that too.  He had good hits and did awesome.  I think Bryce enjoyed watching those big boys and he really liked trying on Brock's big boy hat!  And if it looks like Cohen is in pjs in the picture below its because she is!  Nothing like being all ready for really she had pajama day at school and did not want to change.  No battle worth fighting there!
ballgames mean ring pops!

I love my first game!

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