Monday, May 11, 2015

Field Day

Last Thursday was Cohen's field day at school.  She is loving all this fun stuff happening here at the end of the year.  Since this was her 2nd field day, she knew there would be a lot of fun going on and she was pumped up.  I was helping at field day so I was excited to get to see her playing all the games and having fun with her friends and classmates.  There were several stations set up so they got to go to each one and play the game set up.  A lot of the games involved water so I was glad for a pretty, warm day.  Her class got broke in fast at the slip-n-slide.  I didn't get to her quick enough for a picture but I wish I had.  She was finishing as I walked over.  They loved it.  Give kids water and they will be entertained for hours.  She did say she liked the sack race game too which I did see :)
After the slip-n-slide

After lunch the 1st grade was having their end of the year ice cream party.  Dawn & I left to eat lunch together and I picked up Bryce.  After lunch we headed back to the school to help with the ice cream. Each child got to make their own ice cream sundae with sprinkles of course.  Then it was outside for more playtime.  Cohen was all about showing off her little brother and wanted to carry Bryce everywhere.  He really wasn't feeling that too much but humored her for a minute or two.  He's a lot more fun for her with her friends around;)  She loves him and is so sweet to him at home but she is interested for a short time span then moves on to something else.  I loved getting these pictures of her carrying him around.  It will be precious to pull out when he is her age!

Cohen just realized she had some photo bombers :)

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