Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Saying Goodbye to First Grade & Preschool

Our schools ended last week so there was A LOT of excitement going on.  Tuesday was a particularly busy day and it started with awards day for Cohen.  I was so proud of my little girl too!  She brought home several awards.  My friend Sheri had got a front row seat so she was sweet enough to get some pictures of Cohen for me.  Can you believe this mama/photographer went out without a camera?!  I have truly become dependent on the iPhone!  I was so glad she got these though.  Cohen received the Champion Award which is the award given to the students who have a 93 average or above, the Reading Award for hitting the first grade word goal of 60,000 words, the Young Author Winner award for being the first grade/district winner in the Young Author's contest, and she was chosen for the Citizenship Award out of her class.  I was so proud of this particular award.  Each class has a citizenship award and then the principal draws 3 winners from the 5 kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade classes to receive the Eagle Award.  Cohen WON this as well.  She received a $100 gift card to Wal-Mart.  I'm pretty sure this was her favorite award and she was spending that money in her head as she stood there.  She did tell me she wanted some new hot pink markers!  I think she has enough for those :)
Mrs Kellum was all 3 of these Young Author Winner's kindergarten teacher! 

Receiving her gift card!

So proud of my girl and her hard work!
After awards day, Cohen got to leave school early and then went to play with her BF Josie.  These girls had a blast and Mrs. Freda even let them go swimming!!  Woo hoo for pool time!  I am so excited for summer!

The next day was Cohen's field trip at school.   The first grade went to see a play at the high school then had a picnic and play time at the park.  Kelly went with Cohen on the field trip so I could be with Kate at her last day of preschool.  I think he enjoyed getting some quality time in with Cohen and getting to see her with her school friends.  After delivering the Happy Meals he had to head back to work though.  Cohen got to leave with Courtney and Brody which she loved!  I got these pictures from Courtney so you can tell these two were having some fun.

Kate enjoyed her last day of school too.  We actually celebrated Kate's birthday that morning since she has a summer birthday and won't be able to celebrate at school.  I had her favorites, white powder donuts, chips and Dora fruit snacks.  Wednesday would have been my Daddy's 65th birthday so I was glad to let her celebrate that day since it was a special day.  Later was their end of the year picnic complete with sprinkler fun!  I know she loved being able to play in the water.  Kate is going to repeat the 3 year class next year since I will be holding her back going to kindergarten.  We get to have Mrs. Lori again next year so that helped with saying good bye.  We get to come right back in a few months :)

Thursday was the last day of school!  I know I have said it before but I will say it again, I always get so sad at the end of the year.  I think it is the finality of everything and knowing there is no more first grade.  I'm so sentimental!  Even though I'm so excited to have my kids home with me for the summer I still get sad saying goodbye.  As we were walking down the hall to leave I realized Cohen would not be back on the same hall next year.  The kindergarten and first grade are on a hall together and next year she goes to a new hall.  I will admit, I got teary!  Wasn't it just yesterday we were there for kindergarten open house??  (*sigh*)  We will miss Mrs. Crooms too.  Cohen had the sweetest teacher who truly loved those kids and we are forever grateful to her for all she has did for Cohen and the love and encouragement she has given her.  Cohen was excited to start her summer though and was even jumping for joy as we walked out.  Let the summer fun begin!

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