Monday, May 11, 2015

I Am Second

Last Sunday was Cohen and Kate's choir musical at church.  The musical was the "I Am Second Roadside Grill".  They all did SO good!  I love watching the kids perform and I really love watching my girls.  They both love choir and love singing so they were really excited.  Kate had even learned all the songs that the preschool choir didn't sing.  We have been listening to the cd for several weeks now :)  Her favorite song was "I Am First" and trying to make out the words she was saying was quite funny.  I loved it.  Cohen was so cute up there singing too.  She was so cute doing the dance moves that went with each song.  They all dressed in western attire and she looked so cute in her little cowboy boots.  And speaking of dance moves, Kate had quite a few of her own too.  She really got her hips into it and was so funny.  We couldn't help but laugh at her.  She was too cute.   We also got a  laugh out of her and Addison.  On some of the songs that the preschoolers were not singing, they would be sitting on the pews watching.  Well Kate just laid right down in Addison's lap and Addison was happy to let her and just sat and held her.  These 2 girls love each other so much!  We have a lot of entertainment in our family! haha!
Pop took Bryce with him to welcome everyone

Addison holding Kate

These 2 are a mess!

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