Monday, May 11, 2015

So Much Birthday Fun

I'm doing a little blog catching up!  Last Saturday was a busy one for us!  It was a day of parties.  What spells fun better than birthday parties, right?!  Saturday morning Cohen was celebrating her friend Brooke's 8th birthday!  These girls have been friends since they were 2 and 3!  How did that much time go by so fast.  I need an explanation!!  Brooke was celebrating with a horse themed party and it was at Camp Toccoa at the Wohelo Barn.  She had a horse party a couple of years ago so Cohen was so excited because she knew they would get to ride horses.  Kate was just a little thing at the last party and since she was tagging along with me, and we all know how much she loves animals, she was so excited herself.  When we got to the party the girls got to brush one of the horses and decorate its mane with bows and flowers.  After some party snacks they got to brush it again and then got ready to ride.  I didn't know if Kate would be old enough to ride but she was and she definitely wanted to.  I love the cute riding gear they wear!  She waited so patiently for her turn to ride and she hopped right up on that horse and held on.  She loved it!  Cohen was toward the front of the line to ride and she hopped right on without any hesitation as well.  They both had a blast!

After Brooke's party we had to hurry back to get ready for party #2 for Bentley and Kingsley.  It was our county's prom night so I was not able to make the second party.  My BF Rebekah was nice (and brave) enough to take my kids with her.  Josie was also included with my kids so Rebekah was alone with 5 kids.  I know she caught some attention!  I think Kate had to have a quick bathroom stop which meant the other 4 decided they needed to go too.  Talk about having your hands full.  I can't think Rebekah enough though.  The girls had a blast and I was glad that Amanda posted some fun pictures from the party.  Pump It Up is always a hit!

Our last party for the day was Saturday night and it was actually a birthday party for Grace and Keaton that we were going to help chaperone.  Of course Cohen was all IN it!  Hanging out with some older middle school girls was right up her alley.  I was later getting there after taking pictures but when I came in she was sitting right with Grace.  I know it was a big big deal for her to get to be there.  Kate enjoyed herself too!  She was very into the glow sticks that came out once it got dark.  She loved them so much that she went to bed with a handful of about 15!  She also hit it off with Kennedy and stayed right with her all night!  These older girls were so sweet and let our little girls be right there with them.   We love Grace & Keaton and I can't believe Grace will be heading to high school next year!  And Keaton to 8th grade!

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