Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Break Recap

Last week the girls were out on spring break and since we were staying home the entire week we tried to pack in as many play dates and fun things as possible.  Both girls had egg hunts and Easter parties at school on that Friday and I had fun watching both.  Kate's was first and she was ready!  They had their Easter snack and hunted eggs on the playground.  Kate got so excited about all her eggs!

Next up was Cohen's egg hunt.  There are hundreds of eggs for the first graders to find but there is no hunting involved just picking up as fast as you can.  She was so into filling up her basket.  It is pretty amazing at how quick a field of eggs can get cleared out!  She did have a basketful and left for spring break with a huge smile on her face!  I'm so glad they still get to have these fun holiday parties!

On Saturday Cohen got to start her spring break with a sleepover at her best friend Josie's house.  After church on Sunday Josie came back to our house to play some more.  The girls really enjoyed playing with the big wubble bubble ball.  To me this thing is a cross between a bouncy ball and balloon.  They sure enjoyed it!

On Monday we had planned a play date with Rebekah, Cade, and Nolan.  Rebekah and I were excited to take the kids to Gravitopia in Greenville.  This is an indoor trampoline place similar to Sky Zone.  The kids all loved it and Rebekah and I did too.  There may or may not have been some soreness the next day from our fun...  I think Kate and Nolan could have climbed up the trampoline wall over and over and over!  Cohen loved the trapeze!  I think it was a hit and we will have to add this to our summer play date list!  I love that my best friend and I have kids that are the same age and really play so good together.  They have fun together and we have fun together!

Our attempt at a group picture
Tuesday had me taking Bryce to the doctor for a bad cough and ear infection.  Poor little man!  We were back before lunch and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at home.  The girls have been enjoying a spot at our fence line that Kelly cleared out.  They have called it their hideout.  I caught them in it with their books and babies.  I love when they have these little sweet moments.

Wednesday I spent the day with my Mama in Athens.  She had her pre-op and then we had some errands to do.  It was a fun afternoon and the fun continued that night when we went to the movies to see Cinderella.  The girls were so excited to be seeing this movie.  We picked Josie up on our way so she could go with us.  The girls got to have another sleepover together at our house.  The movie was fabulous and I would highly recommend seeing it!

On Thursday I really wanted to do some fun Easter things with the girls.  We made resurrection buns for breakfast (one of the best things you will put in your mouth!) and we dyed eggs.  The resurrection buns are one of the neatest things to do for Easter.  I love that it is centered around the real meaning of Easter too.

I had a picture session that afternoon and these girls were more than willing to pose for a few of their own!  Are canola fields beautiful or what?!  After pictures we had a fun time at Sug & Pop's house.  The girls had a glow in the dark egg hunt and then Pop did the Passover story with them. It was very fun!

We ended our week with more Easter fun.  After spending the day enjoying the beautiful weather, we got together with the Harbin's to eat, dye more eggs and have an egg hunt.  We actually got to hide the eggs twice because these kids were loving that we would hide them in hard spots.  I think I love egg hunting as much as they do.  And I think Dawn and I enjoyed the dying eggs as much too.  One funny story...Kate was decorating one of her eggs with the mustache stickers included and when she finished she looked at her egg and said "this is Denny".  I thought it was the cutest thing and of course I had to tell him all about her saying that.  She has proudly shown off her "Denny egg" to everyone!

Kate's Denny egg :)

Saturday we celebrated Addison's 4th birthday.  She had a Belle party and the girls got to wear their favorite princess dresses.  Kate had informed me that she was going to be a super hero but she was excited when I offered up an Ariel dress instead.  She is too funny sometimes.  Kelly was doing some yard work and getting mulch so he was able to drop us off in the truck and then come back on the golf cart.  We are really enjoying the golf cart now that the weather is warming up!  The kids loved the golf cart too.  I'm glad Aunt Sara is close enough that we can ride it to her house!  
truck ride...poor Bryce got his head cut off in the selfie!

We thoroughly enjoyed our break!  I am now counting down the days until summer break!  We ended with a big day celebrating Easter but I will make a separate post for that!

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