Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Miss Premier Performance

This past Saturday we were back in Athens for a baton competition.  It had been a month since Cohen's last competition and she was excited to have one.  This competition had a new title to go for and it combined solo, strut, and 2 baton.  After talking with Mrs. Amy a few weeks ago, we decided that she would teach Cohen a 2 baton routine for this competition.  Cohen has been playing around with 2 batons for a while and she was up for a challenge!  This competition didn't start their individual events until 1:00 so we didn't have to get up super early.  I was very glad because Cohen got up complaining about her throat hurting and crying to go back to bed.  I was so glad we could do that!  I prayed that this was just her allergies and I think it was.  When she got back up much later she was feeling a little better and said she wanted to twirl so we got ready and headed to Athens.  The competition was at Prince Ave. Elementary.  This competition was pretty eventful.  I had forgot Cohen's earrings...no biggie and Kelly was coming later and brought them.  First up was modeling.  Cohen was competing for 2 titles, one consisting of solo, strut, and 2 baton, and the other was solo, strut and modeling.  Modeling is my least favorite and we do only the title modeling these days.  When I got Cohen ready she always asked me to leave her costume unzipped just a little since it is getting tighter on her.  She has had this particular one for 2 years now but we are getting these last few competitions out of it!  Since her set was about #30 I left it unzipped.  When it was finally her turn to model we went to her lane and up she went smiling as big as she could.  (We have pushed that smile since she has received comments on not losing her smile.)  Well she made her first turn and what did I see?!?  Mama had forgot to zip that costume all the way!  Oh lawd!   Cohen has long hair but it was pretty noticeable at least to me and a few of the other moms sitting with me.  I sure didn't tell Cohen when she finished since she was focused on that smile.  Don't you love how God will throw little things into your life for a little laugh.  I do and since there was nothing we could do about it but hope for a minor point deduction, we moved on to twirling!   Cohen did her strut routine 3 times, twice for the titles and once for the open event.  She was 3rd place in that.  She also competed in marching and was 1st in that.  Always a strong point for her!   We then got her ready for solo.  She actually did her solo 4 times....twice for the titles and 2 open solos.  She was 2nd in both of the open events.  One had 8 girls in it so I was proud of her.  During solo is also when our day went downhill for a bit.  Cohen started complaining of a major stomach cramp that had her laying down and in tears to go home.  I didn't know what to do.  Kelly was on his way back for a second time and I told her to hold tight until he got there. One of those title solos came up during this and she performed it!  We were all cheering for her because she smiled so big and had been crying right before she went out there.  When Kelly got there he had brought food and we had her eat and that seemed to do the trick.  I think part of this was nerves even though she said she wasn't nervous.  She was excited about her 2 baton routine but I know she was a little nervous too.  The first time is always a little scary.  Mrs. Amy told her to leave out her trick she was most nervous about and for her open performance she did.  For the title performance she went for it and even though she dropped one of the batons in it I was very proud of her for going for it.  It is a tough trick and I know she is going to get it the more she does it.  Go big or go home, right?!   It turned out to work out good for her because my sweet girl ended up winning BOTH of those titles!!  I was so proud of her!  Not only for winning but she pushed through feeling bad and unzipped costumes!  haha!  To top it all off, the beginner title she won gave out crowns.  Cohen has been wanting a crown for SO long and had put her eye on them early in the day.  I had told her big smiles help win crowns and so her face when she got that crown was priceless.  That big twirling smile she had that day got even bigger!  On the way home she fell asleep with the crown on no doubt.  I had one sleepy baby and I was one sleepy mama!  It was all worth it though.  So proud of all the ATRM girls for their rock star performances! 

1st in marching & 3rd in strut!  A good start to the day

Cohen & Mya playing while we wait for awards to start

Beginner Miss Premier!  And a crown for that!

It was a very good day for Coco!

ATRM Girls!

Sleepy girl crashed on the ride home

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