Friday, April 24, 2015

Bryce-6 Months!

EEK!  6 months has flown by with little man!  I love him so much...OMG he is the best!  This little boy is the happiest and best baby.  Its so hard to think how much he has grown and how fast it goes by.  You can tell a few things automatically about Bryce at 6 months by some of these pictures.

He is a happy boy who is always smiling!

He has found his feet and loves to put them in his mouth

He is loved loved loved by his 2 big sisters!

This month Bryce has also started eating more "foods". He loves rice cereal but only the flavored apple/banana rice cereal.  He is getting better and better with a spoon.  HE also LOVES all the fruits we have tried and squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots.  Now to add in the green stuff!

At his 6 month appointment, he stats were:

  • Weight 14 lbs 5 oz (he actually has made it on the weight chart now!  5%)
  • Height 26 1/4 inches (25-50%)
More about Bryce at 6 months:
  • Right now Bryce loves to be held!  He's spoiled what can I say.  He will play on his mat or sit in his swing while I do things but he does like for someone to be in the room paying him some attention.  
  • Rolls from both his back to his stomach and stomach to back
  • Is starting to be able to sit up.  He's still not good at it and falls right on his face when I sit him up.  He is slowly sitting up straighter and straighter though.  I mean you have to be put down in order to sit up, right??!  
  • Loves to watch his sisters, especially Kate.  She is here with him more during the day and provides him with a lot of entertainment!
  • Is a morning baby!  He just talks and talks in the morning.  
  • Eats about every 3 hours and does sleep through the night.  Naps are pretty short during the day though.  Some days we get a long one in but being on the go a lot doesn't help for a long nap.  There's hope for that in the summer but I won't hold my breath on that either!
  • He is a mama's boy right now and really smiles and gets excited when he sees me.  I LOVE that.  He smiles for Kelly too, don't get me wrong but he definitely knows his Mama!
We continue to fall more and more in love with him every day!  He is so easy going and just goes with the flow.  We run and he enjoys the stroller.  This week and went for a run and we even ran in town and then to the elementary school and had lunch with Cohen.  All before picking Kate up at school.  He goes to the library with me when I take Kate and I just know he's going to love books and stories just like his sisters!  He is good at church and gets lots of love, especially from Miss Elizabeth!  He is just good wherever we go!  I really hope this trend continues!  Just have a bottle and his blanket and paci and we should be good!  

Its been a couple of months now but we have finished Bryce's nursery.  Slow I know, but I was pretty indecisive.  This is what we have now and I do like it.   I keep adding little details as I find something that stands out for me.  I need curtains but these things will all come slowly I'm sure.

Here are some pictures we took around Easter.  And Bryce isn't quite 6 months in them but he was close.  I had forgot to post these and definitely wanted to have them on the blog especially when I make my book each year!

one sister wanted in on the action

Now the other sister came in on it too

I decided if they wanted in they at least should somewhat match...spur of the moment Easter pics!

Picking up Kate after a fun run with mama!  

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