Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Georgia Young Authors Winner

Recently, Cohen received a big honor by winning the Georgia Young Author's contest for our district.  A winner is chosen at each school in the county for each grade and then the school winners are narrowed down to one winner for the district.  Cohen was the first grade winner!  We were so proud when she was the first grade winner at Lavonia Elementary and then so excited to find out she won for the county as well.  Her essay was titled "Disney World".  I never got to read the writing but she told me that she wrote about visiting Disney World.  I think if our Disney trips inspire such good essays then we will just have to keep going back!  Sounds good to me anyway.  And to add to the fun, Cohen's cousin Taylor was the winner for the kindergarten.  Taylor's dad, Blake, is my first cousin so I think we can also just call this smart genes!  Lol!  In all honesty, Cohen and Taylor both do have something in common that I do think played a big part in them winning, they are both students of Mrs. Kellum!  Courtney taught Cohen last year and teaches Taylor this year and I just think she really does such a good job with her students.  I'm so proud of both of them!  The winners were honored at last week's Board of Education meeting.  They were announced by grade and then shook hands with all the board members and Ruth O'Dell the superintendent.  I know there was a room full of proud parents!


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