Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kate's First Soccer Game

Last Tuesday was Kate's first soccer game.  She (and we) have been so excited for this!  Kate loves to play sports outside so we decided that we would try soccer this spring.  We were actually super excited that 3 year olds could play through the rec department.  Kelly is her coach and she has really enjoyed the practices, or most of them at least.  I have seen a couple of melt downs but usually she was so tired and we knew that was part of the problem.  We were so curious to see how she would like it and she had a blast!  She was so much fun to watch out there.  She had 3 goals during the game and after every one she would turn to us and smile so proud.  She would run over to the sidelines and Cohen was there to hug her each time.  It was so sweet.  She really got into the game and had her little "game face" on while she was out there playing.  I was very impressed!  I have a video on my Facebook page for anyone interested in watching that.  It is too cute!  I hope she likes all her other games as much as that one!

Addison came to watch Kate!

Getting a hug from Cohen after one of her goals

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