Thursday, October 3, 2013

Catching Up!!

Things have been so busy lately and I have not taken the time to sit down to blog until I'm combining everything that's been going on lately.  Last weekend we had a fabulous time at the GA game.  We had been looking forward to this big game and it proved to be a great one.  We went to the game with Blake and Kasey, my cousins, and as always we had a blast with them.  I have to say, the stadium was just awesome to be in...the crowd was loud and so into the game.  We love our DAWGS!!  After the game no one was leaving their seats.  Everyone was cheering and just soaking in the win.  Several of our close friends were sitting just a few rows up so we all had to get a big group picture.  Its always more fun to celebrate with friends!  I'm looking forward to more wins and celebrations!
I also had to include the picture I got of Willie from Duck Dynasty!  Duck Dynasty is probably our favorite show on TV right now and we were excited to get a glimpse of Willie down on the sidelines.  I wish we could have gotten a picture with him, but oh well!  I definitely needed my good lens for a better picture but this will have to do.

Duck Commander!


I have to take a minute to be the proud mommy.  Kate is on the cover of this month's Hometown Neighbors magazine.  This is the 2nd year in a row for her to be on the October cover.  Last year I had sent in 2 pictures of her that I took in the pumpkin and one was used last year and the other this year.  I love seeing my sweet girl in that pumpkin, I just have a hard time realizing that was 2 years ago.  She has grown so fast!  Time please slow down!

I had to add these next pictures because they are some I always want to have.  Each week on Tuesday we go to McDonald's to eat lunch with Suzy and my Nanny.  This is something I have done ever since Cohen was a baby and we look forward to it every week.  Its the small things in life :)  A couple of weeks ago while we were eating, Kate was just loving all over Nanny.  It was sweet to watch them and we got a kick out of some of the pictures, but there were some sweet ones too.  Between Nanny and Kate you are guaranteed some good entertainment and laughs!

We also just celebrated Papa's 83rd birthday!  We are really blessed to be so close to all of our grandparents.  I feel like my girls are so lucky to have so many great-grandparents!  We treasure all the time we get to spend with them, especially celebrating birthdays!  The girls really enjoyed the water fountain inside the restaurant.
Big cousins

little cousins

Happy Birthday Papa!

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