Sunday, October 20, 2013

Homecoming Queen!!

This has been one exciting weekend for us!  Friday night was homecoming at Franklin County and Jessica (my cousin) was on the court.  Our family is so close with her and to say we were excited would be an understatement.  Jessica is one of the sweetest girls you will ever know and she never draws attention to herself.  Her exact words to me when she found out she was on the court were, "I don't know how this happened."  Any adult who knows her would know exactly how it happened.  She is so very sweet and kind and just very down to earth.  We had fun shopping with her for dresses and really had fun helping her get ready Friday night.  She was absolutely beautiful!  The funniest part was Friday as we were going to get her hair fixed.  I had forgot to bring my makeup with me and Jessica made the comment to me that she couldn't remember wearing mascara except one time in the 8th grade when 2 of her friends put it on her.  I knew she didn't usually wear it on a daily basis, or much makeup at all for that matter but 5 years ago blew my mind!  I just laughed and LeAnne and I told her that since she would be getting all fancy that mascara would be needed!  haha!  Of course she was fine and went with it, but did laugh and tell us that she hoped she didn't rub her eyes forgetting she had it on.  Love her!  And while Jessica is beautiful without a stitch of makeup on her, she was gorgeous with it to.   We had some fun taking pictures here at the house before she left, and at one point while we were goofing off, I pretended to crown her.  Little did we know she would be crowned later that night!  SHE WON!
I have to admit I was teary watching her walk down that field and when they called out her name I was shaking!  I know it sounds crazy but I was so proud for her and of her.  I know I'm biased but I also know so many will agree with me that she is the definition of what a homecoming queen should be and is so deserving.  I'm proud that she won this honor but I'm even more proud of the girl she is on the inside and proud that my girls have such a good role model to look up to.  Believe me they both do, especially Cohen.  She loves her Jessica and Katelyn!
Dress shopping and of course Cohen wanted in on the fun

All ready after hair and make-up!

So this is what we get when we ask Kate to be still for a luck

My favorite!

The big announcement!

 I was so excited to be taking pictures for Mary Catherine, who was last year's queen.  It was even more exciting to see her crown Jessica!  Mary Catherine looked absolutely beautiful, as you can see below.  Her dress was gorgeous.  It was one of my favorites!

Jessica & these girls

Even Nanny came out for the fun!  I'm pretty sure she was yelling in the stands:)

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