Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week day fun with Kate

It seems like the hours in the day pass so fast and it isn't long before Kate and I are loading up to go pick up "sissy".  I do enjoy the time I get to spend alone with Kate though.  At first I felt so guilty because I didn't want Cohen to think she was missing out on things that Kate and I were doing, but I tell myself that I had years alone with just Cohen too, and we did all this fun stuff too.  I miss her during the day and would like nothing more than to have both my girls with me but I remind myself that she's having a ball at school too.  I know I will cherish this alone time with Kate when she is older at school. We have a lot of fun together and she is still the happiest, cutest little girl.  We are getting our routine down somewhat! (50 days into the school year)  I just have some random pictures to post of some of our outings.  We go to the library every Tuesday for story time.  Kate loves the toys at the library and she knows where to head right when we get there to play.  After story time is over she gets just a little more playtime before we go to meet Nanny and Suzy for lunch.  I love our little Tuesday tradition.   Last week she got to paint a pumpkin picture and I snapped a few pictures with my phone.  I finally upgraded my phone so I'm loving the camera on it!!
She's a mess and her face says it all!

Loving on Nanny at lunch!  

Our Tuesday tradition!  We love it!

 I mentioned in another post how my girls have always been fascinated with the mannequins in a store. I have several pictures of Cohen with them and now Kate is following close behind!  I think its hilarious!  Every time we go into a store with mannequins she will run right up to one, reach for its hand, and look at me and say, "tate my pitchure".   She gives me the biggest, cutest, smile too!  One that I couldn't squeeze or bribe out of her if I actually wanted a picture.  I'll definitely be looking back on these with a huge smile!  She is too cute sometimes.

 Another favorite of hers are the little "ride-on" toys in Commerce.  I use these as bribery tools!  Be good in the store for mommy and you can "ride" the toys.  By ride I mean sit on them and pretend they move.  We do actually put money in the merry-go-round, but she is perfectly content to sit on the others without them moving, making noises, etc... and I'm perfectly content for her to think they don't do anything else but sit there.  I can't tell you how long Cohen sat on them and thought that's all there was to it.  Sneaky mama!  I've saved lots of money doing this I'm sure!  Gotta love it while it lasts and they get too smart, right?!  Here is Kate sitting in the "Batmobile".  See how happy she is with no money spent! haha!

Actually moving on this one!  Holding onto the top!

On a side note, last weekend Kate went to the potty for the first time!!  I have dreaded the mention of potty training and I still don't think she is quite there, but she had one great day to start!  Since then we've had no luck at all but I haven't really pushed it either.  It is not the most convenient thing to be potty trained some times but I know I need to start some time soon.  I'm proud of her for her few success times too!  Its a start!

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