Monday, October 14, 2013

Cohen's Festival Performance

Saturday Cohen performed at the Royston Fall Festival.  This was her first performance this year and of course I thought she did fabulous!  All the girls did.  I love watching everyone perform!  I can't say enough good things about Amy and how wonderful she is.  I couldn't ask for a better teacher for Cohen and she absolutely loves it.  I thought it was cute how she would ask if it was time for her recital, talking about the fall festival.  She also asked about her costume, which I had to explain that the costume was for the recital in the spring and that she would get a new t-shirt for her festival performance.  I was so proud of her for doing such a good job and keeping her smile on!  I had to enjoy my smiles watching Cohen perform because we left there for the GA game and that smile faded into a sad face for sure.  BUT...its ok, I still love my Dawgs!

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