Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Visit to Charlotte & the Apple Orchard AND Birthday Party Fun!!

We had a great weekend getting to catch up with some of our closest friends in Charlotte.  It had been way too long.  You know how much you enjoy a friendship when it has been a while but you pick right up where you left off like it was all  yesterday.  That is how we are with Michael and Amy.  We left Saturday morning and headed to the apple orchard in Hendersonville to meet them.  This trip had become a yearly trip for all of us, but for some reason we didn't get it in last year.  We couldn't let that happen again :)  We did laugh and say that we had been to the orchard in every type of weather and this year we added light rain/fog to the list.  Of all days!  We didn't let that stop us from having fun though.  At Sky Top the apple donuts alone are worth the drive so we were happy.  Our timing was perfect because they pulled in right behind us.  We got everyone ready to go and started by heading to feed the farm animals before it started to rain.  Even now when you mention to Kate anything about going to the apple orchard the first thing she says is "tickens".  She remembers the chickens!  They each fed the goats, sheep, peacocks, and chickens.  We walked through the bamboo forest and then made our way to the playground.  Our favorite apples were not ready to be picked yet so we will have to make another trip back for those which is fine for us :)  We did buy some apples inside though.  We got apple cider slushies, donuts and apples.  We let the kids play for a bit on the playground and the animal hay bales.  I really love this place and I know we will be going back to enjoy a sunny day!  The girls are all about it!

This cracks me up...Trying to get a picture of 4 kids smiling & looking is NOT possible :)

Climbing the bamboo

Kate's smile is too precious here!  I can't help but remember how last year she wouldn't even be still!

Another one where I love her smile!  She has just started to sit and smile for the camera

I look over and see Cohen giving Kate a boost to get on the table with the bees...

You can see how foggy and damp it was 

Check out Ashton's face...he was not happy that Kate got up on the tractor to steer with him

We left the orchard and headed back to Charlotte to spend some time there.  Amy and I rode together and let the guys ride together.  This gave us some good time to catch up.  When we got back we let the men take care of the kids and watch football while we went out for some shopping.  What we do best:) Later we picked up dinner and headed back.  Jessica came over that night and I LOVED catching up with her.  We could have stayed up all night just talking and laughing.
The kids had movie time while the Dad's watched football
Love some Jessica!!

Ashton was all about Cohen...he would follow her around and just look at her.  It was so sweet!
Sunday we had to leave in the morning to get back home.  We had 3 birthday parties, but only made 2 of them.  The kids had so much fun all day, thank goodness or else it would have been meltdown central.  Our first party was for Nolan who was 2!  I can't believe these babies are already 2.  The kids had a blast playing at the park and taking 4-wheeler hay rides from Ted.  Kate got some good hugs from Nolan when we left.  We like to laugh about it because last summer Kate was grabbing Nolan for big kisses.  It was precious, and they still are!

Hayride fun!

Loving on Noles!
We left Nolan's and headed to Autumn's kitty cat party.  Caron is so creative and had the cutest set up with all the cat things.  Each girl had their own kitty cat collar and ears to wear.  The kids were off playing as soon as we got there so we got to enjoy some adult conversation :)  They came down long enough for cake and presents :)  It was so much fun getting to celebrate with our good friends.  The whole weekend was just so much fun and we are so blessed to have so many good friends.  I love them all!!
Cohen & Josie sporting their kitty cat accessories.
I didn't get one of Autumn and Kate together but this picture is one for keeps.  This is the 2 of them playing in Sunday School with the drum.  Both girls loved having it on their heads!  Watch out world for these 2!!

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