Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Paint Fun!

Over the weekend we had some birthday fun celebrating Sadie and Sawyer's first birthday.  They are our neighbors and are the sweetest little girls.  We love Jason, Lindsay, and Sam too!  It was so sweet watching these babies enjoy their first birthday party and as always, Lindsay had everything so cute and decorated!  All the kids got to paint a rainbow, or be like Kate and just paint a glob and love it!  We enjoyed the party and are reminded again how we are blessed with such wonderful neighbors and friends!
Kate was enjoying herself!

Sweet girls and their cake!

Last night I had more paint fun!  This time it was adult paint fun with 2 of my good friends, Caron and Stacey.  We had a much needed girls night and went to Artinis Art Lounge in Athens to paint some cute pumpkins.  We had a blast and will be doing it again very soon.  You can't beat good friends, fun, and best of all...lots of laughs!
Showing off our cute pumpkins

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