Sunday, October 27, 2013

School Pictures & Sweet Notes!

I had to post Cohen's very first school picture (big school that is!).  I know school pictures are no ones favorite to hang in the house, and even though I'm biased to my child, I take so many myself that I won't hang this one either.  I only have a million others, many that you see on this blog, but I still think this is so precious!  My sweet girl is just getting so big and if I sit long enough and think about it I will cry my eyes out.   I think she looks so sweet and innocent...and she is.  So here is her kindergarten school picture.

I also have to mention my sweet notes that Cohen writes me.  Every day she loves to draw me pictures that normally say "I love Mama" or " I love you".  Some times she just draws me, or she may draw her and Kate.  I love each one of these and I wish I could just have a wall in my house that was one large bulletin board to keep every one of them.  I do save a lot but not everything.  Its amazing to watch how she is learning to write so many words and read them too!  One of my favorite things to do is check her book bag and look at her papers from the day/week and see her sounding out sentences.  Cohen is a perfectionist and will always ask me how to spell something, but I love to read what she comes up with all on her own.  Earlier this week she left me a note on the frame Kelly and I keep by our bed.  We will often write each other notes on it and she has seen that.  She has drawn pictures for me on it before but this time this is what I found...melts my heart.

I love shopping with her too and we have always said we were each other's best friend.  I want to freeze her because I love her so!  I hope I'm getting these notes for years to come.
One last picture...I recently let Cohen get her toes painted at the nail salon.  She loves having her toes and nails painted and she wanted polka dots like my toes.  I had to get one fixed so while I was there I let her get hers painted too.  She was in hog heaven!

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