Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fun with the Scarecrows

I've got some major blog post catching up to do.  I did not realize that I never posted about our fun in Hartwell looking at all the cute scarecrows around town.  When we did some shopping for homecoming dresses we also walked around Hartwell and looked at all the cute scarecrows.  The businesses and different organizations decorate a scarecrow and have a contest.  They are all on display around town the entire month of October.  They really had some cute ones too.  The girls loved it and were getting into having their picture made with each one we stopped to look at.  Kate & Cohen both love to have their picture made with store mannequins, which I may have to do a whole blog post on some time.  Its hilarious!  This may be why they liked the scarecrows so much!  haha!  Here are some of the cute pictures of all the scarecrows, with the girls of course!
We loved the Duck Dynasty scarecrow! Happy Happy Happy!

Notice how Kate is holding the scarecrow's hand

another hand hold!

And another BIG hand to hold

They really loved the Monsters Inc. scarecrows

Our favorite again...Duck Dynasty

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