Friday, June 28, 2013

Camp Fun!

Cohen has had 2 small camps this summer.  Last week she went to baton/tumbling camp for 3 days.  It was just for 3 hours each day but she loved it!  Her friend Brooke also went to the camp and it was fun to listen to their excitement on what they had learned.  The last day they did their routines for the parents and did so good!  I am so mad because my phone had an issue which caused me to lose the pictures I had taken and the video I did :(  These group shots were taken of all the girls at camp by Mrs. Amy which I was glad she did!

silly pic!

This week Cohen and Josie did a little art class together.  Cohen had been excited about art "camp" ever since I had signed her up.   She has also told me several times how much she enjoyed it.  It is one of the classes where the instructor walks you through the paintings.  I have been to Athens a couple of times and I love it!  I knew she would too and I was very impressed with their paintings.  We will definitely be looking into another class for her again sometime.
2 little artists hard at work

Cohen & Josie with their "masterpieces"

One last picture...Brock has had All-Stars this week and we could not be more proud of him and his team!  He truly played like an All-Star not only showing us his baseball skills but his character and sportsmanship as well.  He did awesome in his games along with his other teammates!  I snapped this picture with my phone before one of the games.  Kate and Cohen both LOVE Brock to pieces!
Pep talk before the game

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