Friday, June 28, 2013

Our Little Animal Lover

One thing about our little Kate Daniels...she LOVES animals and when I say animals I mean ALL of them.  Cats, dogs, frogs, bugs, cows, you name it and she loves it.  She reads her books about them, loves to put them in her water table, and the real things is just the best!  We have been spending a lot of our time this summer at my cousin's pool.  On our first visit there was a frog in the skimmer and she carried that poor frog around until it had definitely "croaked".  That started the fascination with frogs.  Last weekend we got together with several of our friends and after we ate the kids started catching frogs.   They caught so many that they actually were able to all have one and have a frog race!  We have some good entertainment around here!  Well Kate was all up in it and was all about having a frog.  I don't think she put one down unless it was to grab another one.  Eventually I was having to make her put it down by bribing her with brownies.  I guess food is still better! haha!  After a good hand washing!  She is a mess and we all got a kick out of her frog love.
She also loves the baby kittens that are at Sug and Pop's house.  On Father's Day she was sitting in her swing and wanted a kitten in the swing with her.  We kept trading out kittens and she was in love with each one.  You will notice in these pictures her grip on the kittens...she would adjust them in her lap as she felt she needed too and those poor kittens were getting one wild ride!  One has a look of terror on its face.  All she wanted to do was love on it :)  She is so funny to watch.  Every day she has to love on Dooley and any other animal she comes in contact with!
All the kiddos with their frogs!

Kate was proud to show everyone her frog

She and Carolina had a blast passing the frog back & forth

Swinging with the kitty
Notice the look on the kitten's face...of course Kate is holding on to it for dear life!

Here she is adjusting the way she's holding the cat...bless it!

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  1. Those last pictures of Kate in the swing are precious. The one of her squeezing the cat with the cats eyes so big could be in those groups of animal photos that go around with some cute caption.