Sunday, June 23, 2013

Father's Day

I just realized today that I had not posted anything from Father's Day last Sunday.  Woops!  We had a nice Father's Day.  We spent the afternoon at Larry & Lydia's having a delicious lunch and relaxing.  The girls always love playing on Sug and Pop's playground.  Pop has made this playground a playhouse heaven for the girls and I know there is something new everytime I see it.  They have their playhouse, slide, swings, climbing net, and I'm pretty sure a zip line is in the works.  He has gone all out and they love it!  I didn't take a lot of pics through out the day but I did have to share a cute one of Pop and the girls.  I am also mother of the year for not getting a picture of Kelly and both of our girls.  I was able to get a cute one of him and Kate on the swing enjoying some ice cream.  She actually climbed up there and laid down so it was a cute moment.  I will say that we had a fun time the weekend before buying some special gifts for Kelly.  Cohen looks forward to picking out a funny card that sings for her Daddy and this year it was a big hamburger card with googly eyes singing a Father's Day song. She had the song memorized before we got out of Target and I had to put it up right when we got home or else it would have been destroyed by Father's Day.  She also wanted to get daddy some funny banana underwear!   Crazy I know but she thought it was hilarious.  She is so funny sometimes and I really like to get one thing that she alone picks out just from her.  I'll handle the rest for now :)  I have to say my girls have the best daddy they could ask for.  Kelly is not only a great father but a great husband too and we are so very thankful for him each day.  Focusing on him is what helps me get through the day.  Its a tough day not being able to have my Daddy here with me but I am SO very thankful for each year I had him and I could not have had a better one.  I miss him so very much but love all the great memories I have with him and will cling to those forever!
Pop & His Girls!

Cohen loves to get Kelly's ties and say she is dressing up like Daddy and going to work.  This is how she came through the house yesterday.  Notice her baby's doctor kit is her "briefcase".  Kelly has a bag he uses but not a briefcase so I thought this was cute.  She is very observant!

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