Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Kate Daniels!!

I am still trying to take it in that my baby girl is 2 years old!  Why does time have to fly by so fast?!  I still remember the day I had her so vividly!  This little girl has brought so much joy to our lives and I don't know what I did without her.  She is so amazing to watch and her personality is so cute.  She is now talking so much and will repeat almost anything you say.  She is still so happy almost all the time and while she can be a handful for sure, she is just too precious.  She can tear a room up in a matter of seconds and I laugh at her all the time because she is into EVERYTHING!  I love every minute of it though.  One thing about a second child or at least for me, you have seen how quick things go by with that first one so I try to soak up and enjoy every second.
We decided to make her birthday a special day for sure!  We started our day by heading to Rebekah's house to get ready to head to the water park.  Cohen has been asking when we could go back to the water park because she enjoyed it so much last summer.  We love going and it is perfect for young kids so we made it our first (of many I hope) visit this summer.  Amanda and Erica were with us too...field trip #2 so far!  We made our Chic-Fil-A run for breakfast and headed on.  When we got there we got everyone lathered up and changed and let them play.  Cohen had been slow to go down the little water slide last year, but not this year.  She went with Rylee and went down right away.  I was so proud of her!  She loves Rylee and stuck with her most of the day.  Kate, who usually loves the water, was a little hesitant about getting in.  I think the people overwhelmed her.  She did warm up slowly and had fun playing in the little water fountains.  Maybe she will play more and more each time we go.  The kids are such a good group of kids.  Everyone plays so well together and they make it easy on us!  The only bad thing about it was a large summer camp came while we were there with about 300 kids!  We made the best of it but we are ready to go back when no camp is there!  The kids enjoyed it regardless though.  We let them go in the indoor pool, play in the lazy river and just swim.  I know they were worn out when we left.  We grabbed a quick lunch to eat in the car on the way home.  We had to go get ready for Kate's birthday cookout!!  We love to party in this house for sure!

Kate & Nolan playing in the water 

Birthday Girl! 
Heading down the ramp in the indoor pool
 Cohen wanted me to take her picture swimming to me.  I love how she is actually smiling underwater!

When we got home it was time to get everything ready for Kate's birthday cookout.  We were having our family over to celebrate her birthday.  We celebrate birthdays several times in our house!  Any excuse to party!  We stuck with the Minnie Mouse theme as well.  I had used the same invitation for both days :) They were too precious not to.  Gina did an awesome job on Kate's cake.  I loved it and so did she.  This time when everyone sang she loved it and kept smiling!  She even tried blowing out the candles.  I'm so glad the weather was nice, we just enjoyed being outside and being with our family.  Its still soaking in that Kate is now 2 years old!

Kate's invitation...this is Saturday's but I kept them the same

How cute is this cake?!  
I wanted to take Kate's picture with her cake and this was the series of pics I got.  She started out looking upset because I got on to her for eating the icing in one spot, but then I made her laugh and got a good one.

Did I mention Kate's new pouty face...she's becoming an expert at it when she doesn't get her way!

Had to have the cute cake pops too!

We are hot and sweaty looking rough but we had to get one with our birthday girl

Singing to Kate...she loved it today!

I married into a "special" family 

Bebe and Kate 
Kate was giving Bebe some "love"

Nanny & Taylor
All I had to do was ask if she wanted to open presents and she squealed and came running.  I think she is getting the hang of this birthday thing!

A new sandbox from Pop & Sug! She had her purse and cake pop in one hand and petted the "turdle" in the other

Happy Birthday Kate Daniels!  We love you!!

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